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  1. Does anyone have the contact info for a Scotia advisor in Ottawa? The list on the Scotia website seems to be outdated.
  2. @McGillMedAmbassadors Thank you so much for this forum and the work you do, it’s incredibly helpful! I was just wondering if you know of any McGill med students who had not finished their graduate studies by the time they started med school? Did they continue to work on their thesis/project while in school or finish up the following summer?
  3. Caller ID. Yes I called back but no answer. Do they notify by phone? Minerva still says further review..
  4. Anyone hear back for dent? I think I missed a call from the faculty
  5. Mine says admitted with condition, am I imagining?! Can't believe this.
  6. Anyone in Ottawa interested in doing some MMI group practice? ie if you have an interview at McMaster, McGill, Queen's etc.
  7. Anyone in Ottawa interested in practicing?
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