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  1. Keep in mind that not everyone posts here. So there could be 10 people that got in from the WL in French stream this year and that only 5 of them posted here.
  2. Yeah true, I guess there is still the rest of the day today and tomorrow as well.
  3. Damn, what does this mean about the timestamp theory then?
  4. Wasn't your timestamp at 7:25:35?? I'm sure you'll get an answer soon if so
  5. Congrats everyone! Anything from the French stream?
  6. Wow! Congrats, so they skipped a bunch of ppl and jumped right to the 11:47 timestamp?
  7. Congrats! How did they contact you? Email or call??
  8. What do you think that means for the french stream?
  9. Good question, because it seems to have jumped and skipped multiple people if that's the case!
  10. What’s your wGPA and timestamp? We are constantly updating an excel sheet to potentially see a pattern Edit: Nvm I just saw you're on the list as well haha
  11. What makes you say that? So many people are before him...are you saying the timestamp isn’t considered
  12. I think CNFS and regular have two different waitlist
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