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  1. Je te conseil d’envoyer cette question au bureau d’admission.
  2. No you are correct. Although you seem on the lower side, I have seen people with your GPA get in on this forum.
  3. I calculated you wGPA and got 3.78 Are you sure you calculated it right?
  4. Hi, 1. I have graduated from my first bachelor in summer 2018. I decided to do a second bachelor and took 4 classes per semester in 2018-2019, for a total of 8 classes for the first year of my second bachelor. However, will this year count in my wGPA calculations for the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle if I did not take summer courses? This part is confusing me: "A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) courses per semester is taken is accepted and counted in the WGPA calculation only if the missing course/credit is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course" does that mean the year I just did will not count in my wGPA calculation? 2. If I take 6 classes per semester next year, would they consider the first year of my second bachelor? First bachelor: 1st year: 2.46 (5 classes per semester) 2nd year: 3.69 (5 classes per semester) 3rd year: 3.85 (5 classes per semester) 4th year: 3.88 (5 classes per semester) Second bachelor: 1st year: 3.99 (4 classes per semester) Please I need help, Thank you!!
  5. But do I have to finish my second bachelor before July 31st to be accepted into McGill? Or do they just want me to reach a minimum of 60 credits in my new degree?
  6. Do you need to finish your second bachelor to be accepted by McGill? Or is reaching 60 credits enough?
  7. @HoopDreams Thank you for the quick response. Do you know if all the 45 credits need to be only credits that go towards my new degree? Because I took some easier classes to boost my average but still got the credits for them. I'm assuming McGill doesn't care as long as I am registered in the program and have all the prerequisites for med school. Also, for the science prerequisites. Will they look at the science classes I took during my first degree to assess for those? I know they won't count towards my GPA calculation at this point, but do those grades still matter? If so, what's the minimum grade required? I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I really appreciate anyone who answers. Thank you
  8. Hi, I am currently in my first year of my second bachelor's degree and I took 4 classes per semester (i.e. 12 credits per semester for a total of 24 this year). I am planning on taking 4 classes per semester again next year for a total of 48 credits by the end of my second year. I will be applying in fall 2020 with my 48 credits (i.e. in the third year of my second degree). However, on Mcgill's website it says: "Applicants may be considered on the basis of a second, subsequent undergraduate degree (minimum 60 credits). However, 45 consecutive graded credits (in a second/alternate bachelor's degree program) must be completed by the November 1 application deadline. The remaining 15 (or more) credits must be completed by July 31 of the year of entry to medical school, and these must be at a level comparable to that which appears in the academic records submitted at the time of application." Does anyone know if the 45 credits that need to be taken consecutively automatically means 15 credits per semester for a second degree? Or is having 12 credits fine. I would also respect the minimum of 60 credits by July 31st. I just don't know if the fact that I took 4 classes per semester (i.e. 12 credits instead of 15) screws me over or not. PLEASE HELP! Thank you
  9. Do you mind just copy pasting what they replied? Thank you! @iSpawnTrapInMW2
  10. Are you 100% sure about this @iSpawnTrapInMW2 ? Because I have the same issue, and wouldn't like to be disqualified for a technicality.
  11. With your stats, I would apply to the English stream especially if you are more fluent in english. You are VERY competitive, you just need to nail casper and you should be good. Also, the advantage of the English stream compared to the French stream is that the English waitlist moves be hundreds of people, while for the french waitlist is about 2-3 people max. Best of luck!!
  12. Yes 100% try. However, make sure you also qualify with the new rule for the upcoming cycle "Minimum Grade of B (CÉGEP equivalent 70%) must be attained in all Prerequisite Science Courses for a candidate to be considered for admission." I realized this myself today and unfortunatly can not apply for this upcoming cycle. Best of luck!
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