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  1. for the immunization, since hepatitis B’s vaccine takes 6 months to be completed, would the admissions have problem if you finish the last round of in september?
  2. My school is on strike, so courses might take longer to end
  3. Are we suppose to send the marks to u of t by the beginning of June or end of it?
  4. Invited! But most likely declining the offer in favour of UofT congrants to those of you who got invited and best of luck on your interview day!
  5. Guys I have a question about the conditional offer. I currently have a full course load and I might drop one of the courses because I really don't need it. I was wondering does that have an impact on my offer?
  6. Accepted! IP GPA: 3.96 DAT: AA23/RC22 Interview: Felt I did okay. Congrats to everyone who got accepted!!!
  7. Hi guys I hope you all had a great interview:) best of luck to everyone I have a general question about the evaluation. I was wondering does anyone know if the interviewers want you to complete a task in a station or they mark you based on the way you approach a problem?
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