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  1. Do we know when the new salary/contract negotiated by the FMRQ will be released? Really curious about my salary next week...
  2. Just wrote the exam last week. Walked out of the exam with a general feeling of doom and dread and have been having nightmares about failing. The sad part is that I actually studied super hard for it too. The exam was so vague and random that I am not even sure if studying was worth it. Does anyone feel this way? Can't believe we have to wait until July to find out about our scores. On a separate note, does anyone know what the fail rate amongst CMGs are ? I heard from my school that 10% of our class fail every year. In Quebec, if you go to one of the French schools, you can't graduate without passing the LMCC. I heard residency is delayed. If you go to McGill you can still graduate.
  3. Hi, I'm in the process of creating my rank list and I was hoping to get some guidance. I am applying to internal medicine across Canada. The only programs I did not get an interview for was Toronto and Mac, which is unfortunate because my family is in the GTA area and I eventually want to establish a practice there. After going through all the information session, I feel that I have a pretty good idea of the strength and weakness of each program. My question is: should I take into consideration where I want to practice in the future into my ranking of programs? It does seem that training at U of A/Calgary/UBC will give me a wide exposure to different pathologies as oppose to Queen's/Western. However, If I eventually want to come back to the GTA area, should I stay at an Ontario school instead of going out west or the maritimes? Is it that much harder to match back east for MSM in Ontario? What about for future job prospects, would it be harder to get a job in Ontario if all your training in on the west coast? Thanks!
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