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  1. Why aren't you trying to impress as an M3? My understanding is that all rotations are evaluated and matter. Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but I'm a second year med student so I'll let people knowledgeable on this topic answer.
  2. M2/4

    Clerkship resources

    Maybe UWorld could be useful
  3. Thanks for the advice, I was thinking more as a learning/study tool for clinical rotations!
  4. When should you start UWorld (Step 2)? I was thinking of starting it in M2 as review for clerkships
  5. This is so incredibly true. 2-3 week response delays, 1 word replies when I send an e-mail with an open-ended question, no punctuation, etc. That's really great advice, however the specialty I'm interested is so tiny and not many of them do research, so my "supervisor" is literally the only person that I can work with... They also happen to be an accomplished researcher on the specific topic that interests me and I really admired their work, so I thought that they would be an amazing mentor for my career. It's clear that they really don't care about my progress or my future goals and that they are only using me as free labor. It's also impossible to even get more than 5 min to talk them since they are so busy with patients, how can I approach them for more learning opportunities without being a nuisance to their schedule/time?
  6. Doing research in my specialty of interest with highly accomplished people in the field, but I'm only doing scut work and I will not be building connections with these people (as I'll be working in a different office). I'm feeling this large empty hole like I'm wasting my time and not really getting anywhere. How can I make the most out of this summer? I was really hoping to find a mentor and to contribute significantly to a project in order to learn how to do research and work towards publishing.
  7. Quelques jours avant la rentrée. Arrête de stresser, profite de ton été!
  8. Habitue toi à ne jamais être informé et à recevoir de l'info (vague) très tard. On a pris connaissance des sujets à savoir pour l'examen quelques jours avant l'examen.
  9. I volunteer as tribute
  10. J'ai entendu la même chose. Je pense qu'ils ne vont pas vous donner des iPads. De toute façon, ils étaient pas très utiles.
  11. M2/4

    Med 2018

    Admitted into the 3 universities.. Haven't you already completed a year of university, how are you eligible for med at all 3 universities?
  12. moins de personnes choisissent sherbrooke
  13. L'effet du renouveau
  14. Oh crap.. So there is stigma against previously unmatched students..