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  1. MDinCanada

    Admissions Médecine 2018

    moins de personnes choisissent sherbrooke
  2. MDinCanada

    Admissions Médecine 2018

    L'effet du renouveau
  3. Oh crap.. So there is stigma against previously unmatched students..
  4. MDinCanada

    How do you study in med school?

    What I learned is that how you study in med school is very dependent on your med school curriculum and way of teaching. For instance, my med school does not have lectures/notes/presentations and, instead of having a traditional systems-based curriculum, we have a symptoms-based curriculum. What's worse is that we are the first generation to go through this curriculum, and so there was no guidance from upper years. As such, I wasn't able to study the same way as students who get lecture notes are able to study. You'll be able to adapt yourself with time and practice, there really is no way to anticipate what you'll experience in med school.
  5. MDinCanada

    Dentistry vs Optometry

    Dentistry if you like surgery. Optometry if you like diagnosing/prescribing I guess... It's easier on the back. I would say both lead to a great lifestyle.
  6. MDinCanada

    First Aid, Pathoma

    I tried to but found that my school's curriculum is much more consistent with Step 2 than Step 1 material.
  7. E-health as in digital health? I don't know much about this degree specifically, but my impression is that a masters in e-health is practically useless unless you already have significant clinical, engineering/bioengineering or management experience. Digital health (telemedicine, pattern recognition AI, etc.) is very clinical anyways, so a life science b.sc isn't going to cut it. For instance, you could be a medical advisor for a biotech startup, but if you don't have any "medical/clinical" experience and you don't know how the healthcare system works and how medical professionals "think", you won't be very helpful. I think in most cases, doctors who want to get involved in careers beyond the clinic do so without any formal "degrees", sometimes an MBA can be helpful.
  8. MDinCanada

    Pre-clinical vs Clinical years

    Doesn't McMaster use the reverse classroom method where there are no professors and you have to read all the textbooks? I go to a school with a similar pre-clerkship design and I'm seriously struggling. I feel burnt out and definitely spend at least 80 hours per week studying just to pass. How does the content change from per-clerkship to clerkship? Do you have to start learning drug doses, etc.?
  9. MDinCanada

    Med 2018

    approx. 22 juin à 27 aout
  10. MDinCanada

    Attrition rates for each medical school?

    Moral of the story: Don't go into surgery
  11. MDinCanada

    Med 2018

    Hein comment ça des questions supplémentaires?
  12. What are the similarities and differences between life during pre-clinicals (M1, M2) and during clinical rotations (M3-M4)? Also, do you spend more or less time studying during the clinical years?
  13. MDinCanada

    Campus Mauricie

    Take this with a grain of salt. As far as I'm aware, this has happened to no one in my group/year. Also, I have yet to have a tutor who isn't a family doctor. It seems to be quite rare to have a specialist as a tutor, let alone the head of a department or program director.
  14. Is it the norm to have a signature as a medical student (or only in extremely formal e-mails)? I always sign off with my first name.