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  1. Sorry been a bit busy recently, yup #53. Crazy how they went down the wait list that much before offers even became firm
  2. I just joined! of the people I contacted that I heard back from, they've already found someone. How about you?
  3. I Just Got Accepted to Queen's and have been looking for a place but everything is so expensive. I'm open to roommates and would prefer to be with fellow Physiotherapy students! Anyone with a room to fill or house hunting that is open to being roommates?
  4. Accepted to Queen's!! Second Year applying, was not expecting this at all. Overjoyed to be seeing you all on campus next year!
  5. I'm #53 on the waitlist for Queen's, and based on past years I thought I was done for! Possibly the accreditation status is worrying many people
  6. Waiting on Glasgow. Interview upcoming for East Anglia. Pending Interview Decisions on Robert Gordon, Brunel, and Birmingham
  7. 2 weeks as of today from my interview, I haven't heard back yet but on the portal, it says confirmed now instead of Applied. Would i be looking too much into that to be drawing a conclusion?
  8. Feel you on this one tooooo much man. CASPer did me in i'm pretty sure as with my 3.85 gpa i didn't even get a UofT CAP invite :/ All hopes rest in the UK now!
  9. Congrats to all who got in, second time around and while my application improved it wasn't enough. I'll be banking on the UK now! If anyone else is in the same boat, it'll be nice to have others from Canada there too!!
  10. Only for Queen's, and its in the email. Western will email with your spot later. Although I see 3 2019 in the portal so i think its the lower third position for them
  11. Waitlisted to both Western and Queen's PT (#53 for them). Realistically don't see Queen's going down that far. It'll be a wait and see thing all summer for me
  12. Did you get an email a few days-week prior to offers coming out from western about making sure your western ID was activated?
  13. Emails: Western was 12:15 AM for me last year, and Queens was 8:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
  14. Western updates the student centre ASAP, Queens does email pretty late. I dont know about ORPAS since I didn't get any offers last year and it stayed blank the whole time. Some have said that ORPAS updates at midnight too with all the offers
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