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  1. I was very fortunate this admissions cycle to get into two of my dream schools UofT and Yale. I have to soon make a decision between the two and was looking for some advice. Pros I see for UofT (in no particular order): - Significantly Cheaper. - A great school, lots of research opportunities, lots of other resources. - It's the school I did my undergrad at and so I have lots of ties to the community here and I have lots of friends here. - I love Toronto. - Easier to find residency in Canada is I go to a Canadian medical school. Pros I see for Yale Med (in no particular order): - Many more opportunities than UofT, such as an option to take a 5th year for research, the ability to pursue a dual degree etc etc. - The prestige. - Incredible match list, more people end up matching to their top choice program than at UofT. I don't have stats for that but I have heard from a few Canadian friends of mine at Yale. - A smaller class size. - The Yale System which promotes self-directed learning. If it were only these factors then maybe I would've chosen Yale but I also have some concerns: - Very Very Expensive. - Concerns about matching back into Canada. - Concerns about matching into the States as an International student. - The current political climate in the US towards immigrants and non-citizens. - To a lesser degree, New Haven is not as fun as Toronto. Any input, feedback or suggestions will be helpful. PS I also made a post about being rejected at med school this cycle. Please disregard that as that was a bit premature and I was fortunate to get a late interview at Uoft and then get an offer.
  2. Thank You so much. I am still waiting to hear back from the US schools I interviewed at. It was just a surprise this cycle because I applied to the US not expecting anything and had more hope for Ontario schools. I would certainly prefer the States if I get in.
  3. so my CARS score was 128. As for CASPER, I thought it went well, I was able to finish most of my stations but I guess I really can't tell since I don't get a score
  4. Hi everyone, I was writing this thread because I was looking for some advice about what I should do next. I am in my 4th year and I applied to all the medical schools in Ontario except NOSM. This past month I found out that I got rejected preinterview from every single medical school in Ontario, except UofT (which I am still waiting to hear from). My OMSAS GPA is: 3.95 (although my weighted will likely be higher depending on the school) My MCAT score: 132/128/132/128 EC: I have volunteered for 6 years in a hospital in an underserved area (where I am originally from), have numerous research experiences (1 publication and multiple posters), I have also won numerous awards (both academic and non-academic), been the president of multiple clubs, and have had life experiences that I would think would make me an interesting applicant at minimum. I would consider myself to be a strong applicant because I also applied to the States and got interviews at 2 top 10 medical schools (which I was not expecting), but was very disheartened to get no interviews this cycle in Ontario. I would appreciate any sincere advice that I can get about whether I should take a gap year and apply again or should I pursue a masters degree. I would also like to note that if I do pursue a masters I would not be doing it solely for the sake of improving my chances of getting into medical school, since I am very much interested in research and inquiry as well and if I do ever become a physician I would certainly be inclined towards the academic side of it, and a masters would definitely let me pursue those interests; however, I am very passionate about medicine as well and I would certainly like to do medical school first so I can learn more about the different areas of medicine and then use that knowledge to inform myself of the kind of academia I want to get involved in. So I guess I would boil down my question to the following two options: Option A: Should I take a gap year, continue my research and perhaps extracurriculars and reapply or Option B: Should I pursue a masters and then apply to medical school after its completion? Thank You.