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  1. It definitely does depend on the scenario that you are placed in. However, the interview is your chance to show who you genuinely are which generally means being informal and real like PhD2MD said!
  2. From the Queen's UGME website: "Successful applicants are reviewed and ranked by the Admissions Committee and offers are made based on a ranked list. The rank order list is comprised of applicant scores from the Sketch, Letters of Reference and Interview Scores. " As Neurophilic mentioned, outside of admissions, no one really knows the specifics
  3. YESSSS Egg congrats can't wait to meet you!
  4. Thanks for the tips, very helpful. Thankfully our relationship spans 7 years at this point so I'm sure I can give a few solid examples That's awesome, I just wasn't sure if it was appropriate since technically I don't have the degree yet.
  5. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it I am an incoming 2022 M.D Candidate, I also have an H.BSc. I may just include the prior for simplicity. The purpose of the letter is to be used in a professional portfolio attesting to mentorship and teaching competency.
  6. Hey everyone, So I received a request to write a teaching/mentorship reference letter for one of my long-time supervisors who I really look up to! I have never written a LOR, thought id have a huge white beard at that point. I had two questions I hope someone can help me with: 1) Is there a general outline someone can link me to for writing reference letters? Should I go as personal as possible or try to tone back? 2) Is it appropriate to use M.D Candidate under my signature or is that silly?
  7. Your GPA is competitive at 3.92 for 2yrGPA and your ECs seem stellar. The only thing holding you back would probably be your MCAT score.
  8. This was definitely the case for me. Speaking to a Med 2 briefly on the phone for 10 mins ended up easing my nerves so much. I felt like my approach was much more genuine because of it.
  9. Definitely have to second everything they had to say. I am turning 25 right before med school starts and can absolutely relate! You have to take a second to realize how objectively amazing all that you've accomplished so far is!! Getting through the challenges of our lives is how we build the strong characters that hopefully will make us great physicians If you ever need a person to talk to feel free to message!!
  10. Hey guys, Ill be accepting my offer to Queen's today and releasing my position at Dal, im not sure how long it takes the WL to move though. Good luck I know how bad the waitlist is but keep your heads up
  11. Thank you soooo much , im over the moon right now!
  12. Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!! Timestamp: 8:45AM GPA: 3.53 cGPA / 3.96 wGPA MCAT: 515 ECs: Diverse/Unique feel free to PM me Interviews: I had two interviews this cycle. The fact that this was my second interview really primed me for this one. I felt like the MMI was shaky but I stuck with all my answers and the panel was so friendly and supportive. I felt like I was in a movie the whole time I was at Queen's, loved talking to all the M1's Year: Graduated HBSc last year
  13. Same here, the 6:30 alarm went off and ive been on pins and needles since!
  14. Ahhhhh im so nervous, woke up way too early!!
  15. Hahah you're right im a seasoned F5 veteran at this point..
  16. Im sitting here spamming my F5 button from now, gotta get warmed up for tomorrow
  17. Lord knows how im going to get a minute of sleep tonight..
  18. These are some great points/advice. I wonder, though, how we could possibly be rewarding stellar highschool performance with a 70% acceptance rate into professional schools when spots are so very scarce and a blatant advantage when it comes to GPA? I suppose part of me is salty because I had to bust my butt off for relatively competitive med stats and also I was a complete mess coming out of highschool and wish I had that kind of guidance in lifesci
  19. I did my H.BSc in Biology at McMaster (transferred from life sci) and minored in Biochemistry. I think saying mac is an easy school to do well is a bit of a stretch. I have many peers who have struggled to maintain marginally competitive GPAs. Health sciences, on the other hand, is notoriously easy. I can't tell you how much more time my healthsci friends had to prepare for the MCAT, volunteer, work etc because they had cakewalk courses. Not taking anything away from them, there are some brilliant minds from that program. Now, on the other hand, there are some students in mac life sci who abuse the many electives they have to take the absolute birdiest courses (environmental sciences, water, econ). In this way, a life sci degree at mac can be much easier.
  20. Lets goooooOooOooo 4 days of madness left, blessings to all you beautiful people
  21. Same here, we have no doctors in my family and were first-generation immigrants. So I get a lot of "Habibi why do you stress, relax, just don't think about it!". It's almost impossible for me to convey why the wait/uncertainty is the most nerve-wracking part of the process
  22. Raptors getting past the Cavs and getting good news May 8th would make this the best summer of my life.
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