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    I agree with this. However, Bridging 2 actually cost $61,500 for 2018! Also, those that had qualified for Bridging 1 were forced to do Bridging 2 since their program was discontinued without warning. The exam and admission process is constantly changing and unfair. They keep accepting all these people to pay and write these exams when they only have limited seats of 12 for bridging 2 which no one is made aware of prior to. The only reason they accepted 18 now was to accommodate the bridging 1 people they were trying to push into bridging 2. Before UK grads did very well and completed bridging 1 which had a lot more seats but now they're restricting the numbers each year. They don't even disclose how people are ranked for admission and it seems to depend on provinces as well. There's no transparency and they just keep you waiting for months to hear any news. There's no guarantee you can even return home. I would not recommend going to the UK to study optometry now at all. Some people are deterred by the high costs of studying in the US but at least you are guaranteed to come back home. If you already have finished your training, bridge through the US, don't waste your time and money on the IOBP. Bridging through the US takes 2 years but there are people that finish through the US faster with an OD, while others are still waiting to get accepted by the IOBP.