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  1. Thank you! Do you think I should apply this cycle or focus on securing a 4.0 again to make my application stronger next year? (im doing a fifth year this upcoming year)
  2. Greetings! I am hoping to apply this year (or the next) for dentistry. My current stats: UWO - 92.5% best 2 year UOFT - 3.88 worst year dropped *DAT not written but expect to do well Extracurriculars: 2 President of clubs Research university tutor for 3 years Dental clinic receptionist for 4 years (full year) Construction worker for 3 years (summer job) Youth soccer academy coach assistant for 4 years (summer job) 350 Hours of dentistry shadowing With that in mind, what would you recommend for me to improve my application to become competitive?
  3. Hey peeps, so i am planning on applying to dental school during my 5th year at york My best GPA for 2 best years were 4.0 which from what I understand becomes a 95% for Western. Now excluding my worst year my GPAs were 3.77 , 3.9 , 4.0 , 4.0 (for UofT.) Excluding DAT, how else can I improve my application to become very competitive? Attached is the current list of the ECs that I have done. Thank you!
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