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  1. Yup! Most banks just need your acceptance letter, and you'll later need to provide proof of enrolment. Some branches want that proof upfront, but you can definitely start shopping
  2. Eudaimonia

    Pass/Fail Course?

    It's counted towards your credits but not towards your GPA. There might be limits to how many P/F courses you have per semester/year depending on the school. If you just have one, you'll have no problems.
  3. Eudaimonia

    Funded Studentship vs. NSERC

    It's my understanding that they're the same thing. Are you asking how to put them in your CV (in which case you could state the amounts even if the studentship doesn't explicitly say it online) or which is more competitive for something?
  4. Eudaimonia

    Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience

    Before they assign you to a place they ask for language proficiency and ability to commute, but of course not everyone will get ideal matches. It's more than likely that you'll encounter patients of both languages even if you're at a hospital that serves a predominant English/French population. That said, it's not crucial to know French for the purpose of this course component, but it does mean you'll get less out of the patient interactions or their conversations with your preceptor. It's helpful to know basic French just to make the patient comfortable with small talk, and it's also an opportunity to practice your clinical French. But you have no responsibilities in LFME; you're there to learn.
  5. Where did you end up choosing, Comprehensible? That seems like you're doing a great job on spendings, at least relatively to me haha. But I agree, money is meant to be spent to gain happiness, within reason. (I'm not saying happiness is only obtained from money either lol)
  6. If it's like last year, it was in late April and it'll be a secret group where you get added in
  7. You have to accept it by stated deadline. You can withdraw later if you get into Ontario but will lose your deposit.
  8. be careful on your drive amazing how you broke it down into a simple scenario that just needs the result input yet there's still so much uncertainty!
  9. Rooting for good news before you get to that point! Luckily Minerva tends to update pretty early in the morning. Good luck to everyone, and no matter how anyone feels about their results, feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to
  10. The essay is used for interview invites, once you met the cutoffs for GPA, MCAT, Casper. For final assessment, GPA+MCAT (25%), Essay+CV (35%), and interview (40%) are assessed competitively. 5% is unknown factors lol.
  11. Eudaimonia

    Post-interview discussion

    Yeah, I would say that's accurate, at least in my case and at this school. Some schools went on and on with follow-up questions for personal ones, but it could've been the people on panel and nothing to do with the school.
  12. Eudaimonia

    Post-interview discussion

    Yes, my panel was super friendly with me. My questions seemed to be mostly following the script so it wasn't too much that they were personally interested in knowing more, although sometimes that was the case (context-specific questions)
  13. Eudaimonia

    Post-interview impressions

    Last year someone asked during the post-interview debriefing and we were told that no stations are omitted. Lol that could throw you off for a second. I'm starting to recognize them from our simulation sessions and the experience gradually feels less authentic
  14. Eudaimonia

    What to take to interview?

    Yes I used my Driver's license. Nope
  15. Eudaimonia

    March 25

    I think they were Tuesday to Friday. Reminder that it's completely normal to feel confused, dissatisfied, uncertain, and/or discouraged about a station. There is no correlation in how someone feels about their performance and their actual score. Good luck to all of you