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  1. Eudaimonia

    Reference (Academic side)

    Go with someone who knows you. I can't comment for MUN, but I had no references that actually taught me for OMSAS.
  2. Eudaimonia

    Publications vs experience

    At the undergrad level, no, as it is highly unlikely. Undergrads usually get trained by a grad student or post doc, and work on their project. It would be above expectations if you had a first author
  3. Eudaimonia

    Very Low GPA

    It's definitely helpful but is not required. Some schools love it more than others but people still get in without having done research. Do it to at least try it out but if you turn out to hate it, don't force yourself to continue. Do something else that you're passionate about instead, as that will come across when you talk about it during interviews.
  4. Eudaimonia

    MCAT Scores Sent to OMSAS

    On AAMC, click get MCAT score, log in, then under the My Reports tab, click Send scores electronically. Select your schools, submit, and that's it! The schools will then have access to retrieve your scores. The schools have a MCAT deadline of sometime in October/November for that last test date. That's when they know the last test results for that application are released.
  5. Eudaimonia

    New OMSAS account each year?

    The notice says "if you applied to any Ontario university through the OUAC (other than to an Ontario Medical School) after August 2016" so I don't think you had an account, and thus need to make a new one.
  6. Eudaimonia

    Unique Situation

    If you took full course loads every year, you'll have wGPA for UofT. Your wGPA may still turn out to be pretty mediocre given the high average at UofT, but UofT does consider an academic explanations essay if you want to write about your ADD. It clearly shows that you were better able to manage your studying once you dealt with the diagnosis. I can't speak about whether there is bias against such illness but it looks like you're capable of doing well and that your ADD wouldn't prevent you from handling med courses. Also Queens will probably use your 2 most recent year for GPA calculation (instead of cGPA), which is good for you
  7. It's fine. They wouldn't be able to give significant details (like concrete examples demonstrating x) about your roles in other positions, but it does help paint an overall picture of you
  8. Eudaimonia

    ABS organization

    One. For year, you can write "undergrad year 1-3" for example
  9. Eudaimonia

    OMSAS ABS question!

    Personally, I wouldn't, firstly because it would take up valuable character space. Second, the reviewers are very busy and you can't guarantee that they'll open the link and explore all your projects. That's your job to describe them succinctly even if it's a challenge. If they were very interested, they could look it up themselves if you gave them your profile info. However if I was a reviewer with curiosity, I wouldn't necessarily gain anything more from listening to your page than what you would've described in the box. I wouldn't know how or be able to judge the quality of your work or anything. I'd only rely on accolades which is something you can put in the description anyways. Hope you see what I mean!
  10. Eudaimonia

    LOR Question

    UofT just wants to make sure you strongly possess the qualities, whatever way they can glean from your 3 letters as a whole. How that is distributed in terms of depth/breadth for each letter is highly variable. Sorry, I meant that the second example would only be weaker because I think any reference can at least attempt to speak about all 4 clusters, regardless of how well. In this way, at least every reference tried to cover all 4 clusters and you don't have a situation where everyone forgot about a cluster, or that the only person who wrote about cluster x didn't illustrate it very nicely. This is how I would play it safe with UofT, but I don't know how strict UofC is about their letters for you to do some compromising
  11. Eudaimonia

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    If you still have tuition credits you can use them for a couple years at the beginning of your staff years as deductions. I'm not too familiar with the details since I transfer mine to my parents, but you can look into it as it has potential to help those early years
  12. Eudaimonia

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    Thanks for starting the topic - I've been interested in the difference as well. Just to comment on the TFSA: you will still get taxed on what you made even if you deposit it into a TFSA (unlike RRSP). Just that the interest you gain for keeping the money in that account will not be taxed. TFSAs can be used simply for storing money, or used for stocks etc. The current limit is 57.5k if you were 18+ in 2009, and you'll gain 5.5k contribution room each year under current policies. At the current savings interest rate of ~1%, you gain about $600 per year that will not be considered as income for your tax bracket. So not very significant if you're just keeping cash. If you're in the stock market that would be harder to predict but you could theoretically make 10k a year which would not contribute to your income.
  13. If you were not paid during that Leadership Tune-Up, then it would not be considered employment. You could list it in NAQ, but I would mention it in the description of your co-manager position.
  14. Eudaimonia

    LOR Question

    I don't know about UofC, but I'll explain for the other two. For UofT, they would like to see those 4 clusters mentioned across your letters. This means if all 3 references speak about all 4, it's fine, or if ref1 speaks about cluster 1, ref2 for cluster 2, ref3 for cluster 3+4, this would also satisfy the requirement. So if you went with the last example you could use those same letters for UofC, but I wouldn't recommend that if you want to have the best possible letters for UofT (first example would be better). UofA asks that your references answer if they think you'd be a good doctor, with some other prompts along those lines. The reason I can't remember those other questions is because I asked my references to use the same letter they wrote for UofT, which didn't specifically talk about those questions. Yet I still received an interview so I don't think the LORs are as important at UofA
  15. Yeah recent years I've noticed that some questions ask specific things that make it hard to link personally. Just do what feels natural, don't force examples in if it breaks the flow, and be aware that they don't all need ties to your personal experience. It is better to answer the question directly than mold it to fit something you want