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  1. Eudaimonia


    Yes, they only want the grades for the degree on which you are basing your admission, which is the bachelor's
  2. For the sake of applications, med schools like if you have research experience. It's something that they'll try to expose you to during med studies as well. Doesn't matter if in basic or clinical sciences. Some residency programs also require you do research, and I imagine basic research would be acceptable. I know of a resident in surgery doing research although I don't know of what nature. I don't understand his reason for why you shouldn't pursue a specialty. Now for research as a career it is true that a smaller proportion of doctors go on the clinician scientist route but you shouldn't be discouraged from exploring that possibility
  3. OMSAS allows you to put activities since age 16 into ABS so I wouldn't think so. Two of my ABS essays were for high school activities and it didn't prevent me from getting an interview.
  4. That should be for your level of education. Were you in undergrad year 2-3 when you did that activity, for example
  5. Sure, it's likely that they could be different enough that they're considered separate activities regardless of same organization. I also had 2 roles at the hospital that were quite different in nature so I put them separately.
  6. Oh yes, I sent mine in 2 days before the deadline so it wasn't updated as received on Bear Tracks until weeks later
  7. Eudaimonia

    Geographic Location

    I put city and province, but I wasn't applying to NOSM. I would think they'd have another section to determine your eligibility for that though
  8. No minimum but how significant it was is your judgment. I had one activity that was a one-time volunteer of 10 hours but I learned something out of it. It's up to you to decide if you'd rather include something more significant due to the number of limited entries.
  9. Eudaimonia

    Med School admission rant

    This is dependent on the school, but I think most of them do suggest courses even if they're not required, in addition to or in place of required courses. This is true of McGill and also UBC if I remember from their blog. In terms of grades, it all counts towards your GPA which you want as high as possible. When picking undergrad courses it's smart to look at these requirements across schools, but I don't think most people plan that much ahead and in detail since things change. Yes the required courses are posted now and if there's changes to admissions it might be announced ahead of time, but not always. So most people do the heaviest work load that they can manage and that they hopefully enjoy also, which achieves what med schools want you to do. Call it good luck or whatever that the majority of people thus fulfill prereq requirements come applications.
  10. Eudaimonia

    ABS: Employment or Research

    Put the job in employment, and have another research entry for your publication
  11. Eudaimonia

    OMSAS Questions

    1. Yes go to your registrars office and have them send a transcript to OMSAS's address (you'll find it online in the guide). Do this TODAY as there is turnaround time to process your request. 2. Put the level of education you were in during that activity even if it's unrelated. For example you are in undergrad year 2-3 when you played for the schools basketball team. 3. I would put hours of that activity alone. You can put the research hours as a separate entry (as a volunteer entry for example)
  12. Eudaimonia

    CV enteries

    They don't say, so use common sense. I used one activity as far back from junior high/early high school lol. I included entries from high school if I felt they were significant
  13. Eudaimonia

    Does ottawa weigh ECs heavily?

    In our interview letters, they stated that interview invites were based on GPA and Casper. Then they mention the ABS in the interview portion for assessing some of those qualities you should have. Remember Ottawa used to have an abbreviated ABS so the way they use it isn't as extensive as other schools.
  14. Ha actually if you think of it like this and focus on the learning (which was the original intention, being a student), paying tuition seems much more justified than if you focus on the work you're contributing. It becomes easier to digest although you're not content about it
  15. Eudaimonia

    ABS Order (chronological?)

    I think this is the second question about ABS order I've seen, so I'm wondering if OMSAS application doesn't reorder your activities automatically anymore as you enter them in? I never worried about the order last year as it was done for me. In case you need to order it manually, my activities were arranged chronologically first by start date, and then by end date. Ie 09/2015-07/2018 goes before 10/2015-01/2017 Do your best arranging but it will probably be fine if you arranged by end date first then start date or something. Once you're done filling in entries, then put in the verifier numbers.