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  1. Eudaimonia

    March 25

    I think they were Tuesday to Friday. Reminder that it's completely normal to feel confused, dissatisfied, uncertain, and/or discouraged about a station. There is no correlation in how someone feels about their performance and their actual score. Good luck to all of you
  2. Depends on the station. It will be clear to you from the prompt.
  3. Eudaimonia

    MMI Timing Question

    You will be briefed on this right before starting your interview, but yes it's something like 5 minute then 2 minute for follow-up. No warning of the follow-up question or end of station
  4. Is it too late to sign up for billeting? Their students are awesome, much love for offering their couch
  5. Lol I meant to dig through the threads, not my posts Voila: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/98771-does-anyone-know-the-structure-of-the-mmi-vs-panel-part-of-the-interview/ http://forums.premed101.com/topic/98357-when-are-interview-invitesrejections-coming-out/?page=8
  6. Eudaimonia

    Panel interview prep

    I wanna warn you that as with any panel, the surprise might be that you get a pretty unfriendly panel by instruction, and just know that if that does happen, it has nothing to do with you. Keep calm and carry on
  7. My verifiers usually told me when they were contacted by schools, but I did not have my verifiers contacted by Dal afaik So don't feel left out if you haven't heard anything
  8. They'll go under employment, each a separate entry. Summer jobs or short-term commitment, all fine. Don't get the impression that people stick to jobs for years. There's nothing wrong with a shorter involvement. You still acquire skills that merit description in an individual entry
  9. Half up is fine! I had mine either down or in a ponytail. Honestly just be comfortable
  10. Some schools hint at length of time as being valuable, but it's hard to know how they would judge the replacement with a different activity. After all, you can develop new skills. I wouldn't stick to your job if you want to move on to something else. You can show consistency in your application through other activities.
  11. Eudaimonia

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    All BSc will be viewed equal. People choose their program according to their interest, GPA considerations, and ease of scheduling in pre-reqs or relevant courses. Sure med schools are phasing out pre-reqs and will teach you everything you need to know, but you can't ignore that it makes the med curriculum slightly easier if you've been exposed to those topics before
  12. Really however long it takes to get your point across. You won't be thinking about how much time you're using when you're answering. What I like about panels is it's more flexible and feels more like a conversation. You can read body language/facial expression to help you gauge if you've completed your answer, and they'll do the same if they feel you've lost track of your thought and need a push, they'll jump in and prompt you. If you're saying something interesting they might interrupt to dig a little more about that, just like it would happen in a normal conversation. You won't ramble
  13. Eudaimonia

    Second interview - Advice?

    @HoopDreams has given amazing advice. I'd add that I had a very similar mindset to you. You say you have confidence in yourself but you need to realize that landing 5/6 interviews means you likely have what it takes to get in - they definitely like you on paper. You go do those MMI acting stations like you ARE a medical student. Representing the field as a professional is something you'll have to do in your everyday life if you get in anyways. Behave in ways that would make your faculty (and your idea of what a medical student should entail) proud. Maybe that advice sounds silly to you but it is the push that got me over my hesitancy. Hope it works out for you!
  14. I think Refused - ltd space available is the code they use after interviews, but I would think Refused - missing prerequisite/ineligible is what would show up if that were the case