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  1. Eudaimonia

    Sending Final Transcript

    Admin has replied to someone that either option is fine, no need for both. Although the inquiry was exactly your question, their reply was that you can send to either OMSAS or to their office (they didn't specify the sender)
  2. Eudaimonia

    How to research

    Absolutely- thank you for writing this. I was shocked reading that method. It may seem more appropriate/doable for a translational or clinical study maybe (I'm not familiar with that kind of research) but my experience with basic science has been far from knowing where the chips will land, unless it's purely an observational study and you are sure that you won't be interested in looking at additional parameters/effects. Cannot count the amount of times that new data completely changed the direction of a project, scrapping the original objective as something unexpected or more interesting came up. Like you said, you come up with new methods as you decide to investigate something further, so why not just leave the writing to the end. Only after seeing what all your data tells you can you write a nice introduction that includes relevant information.
  3. Eudaimonia

    Gap Year in Toronto

    Many graduate research programs have the option of starting in the winter or summer. With the large range of programs at UofT, I'm sure you'd be able to find a suitable one. The application deadlines for Winter would be sometime soon I gauge. Part of the application is finding a research supervisor. Sometimes the program, if they give you a conditional acceptance, will help you in this aspect. Other times, they will only look at your application after you've specified that you found a supervisor to take you on. You could try to get a research position with a PI if you present that you're a prospective graduate student. Alternatively, you could begin your search for a supervisor first and then just ask to start in the lab early. Get in touch with the academic advisor/graduate coordinator of that program, who could help guide you to PIs that are looking for students or have funding. Hopefully you have some experience in research that will help you land a position.
  4. Eudaimonia

    CMA backpacks

    Sadly no, since they need time to produce the backpacks before the poll even closes. They did word the poll better this year I think, with the guessing
  5. Eudaimonia

    CMA backpacks

    Yes I was thinking of you there haha. Love the red and the green is very nice too (exactly like others mentioned!), but the rest are dull and statistically the odds have me worried
  6. Eudaimonia

    CMA backpacks

    Has my memory lost it or are the 2015/2016 colors switched? Also seems we have a subdued palette this year, to the disappointment of those who wanted bright colors!
  7. Yes this is all correct. You can pay however much you want whenever you want at either bank, but Scotia just takes care of it in case you forget to make your payment. This backup makes sure your credit score is unaffected. I think this difference between the banks is really a minor one especially if you're good at making timely payments
  8. Morally, people tend not to apply until their final year so they don't have to quit mid graduate program. This is what midi was talking about and I think there's some misunderstanding. You asked if you could defer for one year to finish the second year of your Masters, meaning that if your deferral is unsuccessful, it would mean quitting your program or giving up your med acceptance. Anyways, McMaster, like Queen's, does have this deferral policy https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/deferral-of-admission-process-policy.pdf?sfvrsn=2 that gives you the option but does not guarantee it. Maybe you already knew this and are asking on the likelihood of being granted a deferral? Seems like you can apply and give it a shot (if you have the resources) and then try to get a deferral, the ideal scenario. If unsuccessful, you will have to choose one program. Consider if you'd like to have a graduate degree before med school starts, and how comfortable you are with quitting your program.
  9. Eudaimonia


    Depends if you're IP or not. If you're not, you typically need 129 to be competitive. Some IP have gotten interviews with lower CARS and presumably strong Caspers. You can browse the invite thread in the MacMaster topic to get a better idea
  10. That's 10000 of Scotiabank revolving credit, and I believe you said you had 15000, but sounds like your LOC limit didn't decrease
  11. I suppose it could be taken from your credit card limit, or from LOC limit (latter was my case). Keeping in mind that the minimum limit for their credit cards is 5000 and you can only have 10000 of revolving credit with Scotiabank. To have any more would decrease your LOC limit (did that happen to you?), so it seems the limits on these two products are sort of interchangable
  12. Eudaimonia

    Verifiers for activities

    Yes you can do that, but at UoA they allow you to put two verifiers for each activity. So you can put both and describe their positions/titles (supervisor for organization A/B)
  13. mew, I just want to support you in the sense that your feelings of cold feet must not be that uncommon. I also had a few moments of fleeting doubt, the most recent which came after reading posts in the Attrition Rates in Med School thread. It was the closest I've been to hearing someone I know express dissatisfaction with the career (I don't have much access to residents/staff, so the familiar users here are as personal as it gets for me). But there isn't anything else I can imagine myself doing that would be comparable to what I think this career entails. This may be a naive thought, but it gets me through lol. Sorry that I was of zero help, but I hope you find the courage to be confident with whatever decision you make!
  14. Eudaimonia

    CASPER Prep

    Assuming you're comfortable with your typing skill, reflecting on your experiences gives you a big payoff on test day. Think of scenarios for those typical job interview questions. I didn't use any prep companies like Bemo, although I looked at their free content. It was useful, but not very representative of how I ended up answering my questions (their ideal answers are too long given the limited time). There's a couple free practice tests by various companies that were very helpful. I don't remember their question types but it was helpful in the sense that it allows your adrenaline to kick in early so that those nerves interfere less with your performance on test day.
  15. Not surprising given that it's free, although I couldn't find those details on the site, along with how much they cover (I guess I have to request information). Is it possible to have both? Seems beneficial to sign up with QMA earlier (75$ premium isn't bad) to get more coverage later on. Does Sogemec's plan get better/become comparable to QMA's plan after medical school?