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  1. Is it too late to sign up for billeting? Their students are awesome, much love for offering their couch
  2. Lol I meant to dig through the threads, not my posts Voila: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/98771-does-anyone-know-the-structure-of-the-mmi-vs-panel-part-of-the-interview/ http://forums.premed101.com/topic/98357-when-are-interview-invitesrejections-coming-out/?page=8
  3. Eudaimonia

    Panel interview prep

    I wanna warn you that as with any panel, the surprise might be that you get a pretty unfriendly panel by instruction, and just know that if that does happen, it has nothing to do with you. Keep calm and carry on
  4. My verifiers usually told me when they were contacted by schools, but I did not have my verifiers contacted by Dal afaik So don't feel left out if you haven't heard anything
  5. They'll go under employment, each a separate entry. Summer jobs or short-term commitment, all fine. Don't get the impression that people stick to jobs for years. There's nothing wrong with a shorter involvement. You still acquire skills that merit description in an individual entry
  6. Half up is fine! I had mine either down or in a ponytail. Honestly just be comfortable
  7. Some schools hint at length of time as being valuable, but it's hard to know how they would judge the replacement with a different activity. After all, you can develop new skills. I wouldn't stick to your job if you want to move on to something else. You can show consistency in your application through other activities.
  8. Eudaimonia

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    All BSc will be viewed equal. People choose their program according to their interest, GPA considerations, and ease of scheduling in pre-reqs or relevant courses. Sure med schools are phasing out pre-reqs and will teach you everything you need to know, but you can't ignore that it makes the med curriculum slightly easier if you've been exposed to those topics before
  9. Really however long it takes to get your point across. You won't be thinking about how much time you're using when you're answering. What I like about panels is it's more flexible and feels more like a conversation. You can read body language/facial expression to help you gauge if you've completed your answer, and they'll do the same if they feel you've lost track of your thought and need a push, they'll jump in and prompt you. If you're saying something interesting they might interrupt to dig a little more about that, just like it would happen in a normal conversation. You won't ramble
  10. There is some conversation going on at CFMS about the possibility of capping the number of electives you can do in one specialty: “with the increasing competitive nature of the residency match and emphasis on importance of parallel planning, there has been extensive discussion around implementing a national policy for electives diversification by capping the total elective time students may spend in one specialty over the course of clerkship. Beginning with the Class of 2021, student elective opportunities cannot exceed a maximum of 8 weeks in any single entry-level discipline. This would only occur if all 17 medical schools across Canada agreed to enforce the cap, such that no students become disadvantaged during the match.” What are your thoughts on this?
  11. Eudaimonia

    Second interview - Advice?

    @HoopDreams has given amazing advice. I'd add that I had a very similar mindset to you. You say you have confidence in yourself but you need to realize that landing 5/6 interviews means you likely have what it takes to get in - they definitely like you on paper. You go do those MMI acting stations like you ARE a medical student. Representing the field as a professional is something you'll have to do in your everyday life if you get in anyways. Behave in ways that would make your faculty (and your idea of what a medical student should entail) proud. Maybe that advice sounds silly to you but it is the push that got me over my hesitancy. Hope it works out for you!
  12. I think Refused - ltd space available is the code they use after interviews, but I would think Refused - missing prerequisite/ineligible is what would show up if that were the case
  13. Eudaimonia

    Ottawa Interview - Open file

    I don't think it matters either way. Don't worry it will be clear if they're looking to get more information from an activity, or just to use the activity as a discussion point. It means they can see your application, as opposed to closed file in other schools, where interviewers have no idea who you are or what you've done.
  14. Eudaimonia

    How to be a a competitive applicant

    Do you mean research specifically in family medicine, or other fields count too? It's my understanding that there's not much research done by FM staff so where would you find such projects, from residents? (as @Rorzo mentioned)
  15. Eudaimonia

    Cap in number of Electives

    UGME's counterargument for this is that it will have to force programs to change the way they assess candidates, ie not having done an elective there I'm not sure if PGME has had anything to say about this
  16. Eudaimonia

    Your behaviour in an acting station

    Take the role you're given in the prompt. The great thing about Mcgills simulation center is that it's really easy to immerse yourself into the situation once you open that door. You begin the station/acting immediately without having to introduce your candidate number or anything.
  17. Eudaimonia

    Cap in number of Electives

    "There are still some schools who haven’t made their decision at this time; it is expected to hear from all schools in early February." The policy we got seems to be "of the new McGill electives policy" which is contingent on the acceptance by other schools. To me this sounds a bit confusing, but the highlights are: · Maximum eight weeks in any entry-level discipline - this corresponds to the list of R1 programs that you can apply to through CaRMS · Minimum of three disciplines (this is an old McGill rule, but is probably widespread with other schools have selectives) Research (in any specialty) is now considered a separate entry-level discipline
  18. Eudaimonia

    Cap in number of Electives

    Same, the last update we were given said Mcgill has agreed to it and I think they're just waiting on a couple more schools to confirm. We got proposed details of the cap but not sure if those will change once schools meet
  19. If you're still in research, I would think your supervisors understand the need to attend conferences. In my own opinion they're usually not that useful to go to, but it's very common and you shouldn't have problems convincing your supervisor if you want to go, especially if you'll go with your own funding. Conferences are a good place to network with other researchers for collaborations, and get some ideas about current research in the field. Depends how important that is to you.
  20. Eudaimonia

    Interview Confirmation Documentation

    That's correct. The further review needed is your interview!
  21. Eudaimonia

    Interview Confirmation Documentation

    There's no confirmation email. You should see it as received on your Minerva List and that's it
  22. If you dig into our speculations last year about the panel, I'll tell you that it gives you a good idea of what it is (I'm not sure how much information about it is non-disclosable)
  23. The Quebec government started to reduce the number of seats a couple years ago. I'm not sure in what year it was supposed to reach the target number and stop decreasing further, but in any case the amount of seats will not be increasing in current circumstances so it makes sense that the amount of interviews is proportional to that
  24. If I remember correctly that means you're on the interview wait list. Others seem to have been notified of this so your email should confirm this soon