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  1. Morally, people tend not to apply until their final year so they don't have to quit mid graduate program. This is what midi was talking about and I think there's some misunderstanding. You asked if you could defer for one year to finish the second year of your Masters, meaning that if your deferral is unsuccessful, it would mean quitting your program or giving up your med acceptance. Anyways, McMaster, like Queen's, does have this deferral policy https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/deferral-of-admission-process-policy.pdf?sfvrsn=2 that gives you the option but does not guarantee it. Maybe you already knew this and are asking on the likelihood of being granted a deferral? Seems like you can apply and give it a shot (if you have the resources) and then try to get a deferral, the ideal scenario. If unsuccessful, you will have to choose one program. Consider if you'd like to have a graduate degree before med school starts, and how comfortable you are with quitting your program.
  2. Depends if you're IP or not. If you're not, you typically need 129 to be competitive. Some IP have gotten interviews with lower CARS and presumably strong Caspers. You can browse the invite thread in the MacMaster topic to get a better idea
  3. That's 10000 of Scotiabank revolving credit, and I believe you said you had 15000, but sounds like your LOC limit didn't decrease
  4. I suppose it could be taken from your credit card limit, or from LOC limit (latter was my case). Keeping in mind that the minimum limit for their credit cards is 5000 and you can only have 10000 of revolving credit with Scotiabank. To have any more would decrease your LOC limit (did that happen to you?), so it seems the limits on these two products are sort of interchangable
  5. Eudaimonia

    Verifiers for activities

    Yes you can do that, but at UoA they allow you to put two verifiers for each activity. So you can put both and describe their positions/titles (supervisor for organization A/B)
  6. mew, I just want to support you in the sense that your feelings of cold feet must not be that uncommon. I also had a few moments of fleeting doubt, the most recent which came after reading posts in the Attrition Rates in Med School thread. It was the closest I've been to hearing someone I know express dissatisfaction with the career (I don't have much access to residents/staff, so the familiar users here are as personal as it gets for me). But there isn't anything else I can imagine myself doing that would be comparable to what I think this career entails. This may be a naive thought, but it gets me through lol. Sorry that I was of zero help, but I hope you find the courage to be confident with whatever decision you make!
  7. Eudaimonia

    CASPER Prep

    Assuming you're comfortable with your typing skill, reflecting on your experiences gives you a big payoff on test day. Think of scenarios for those typical job interview questions. I didn't use any prep companies like Bemo, although I looked at their free content. It was useful, but not very representative of how I ended up answering my questions (their ideal answers are too long given the limited time). There's a couple free practice tests by various companies that were very helpful. I don't remember their question types but it was helpful in the sense that it allows your adrenaline to kick in early so that those nerves interfere less with your performance on test day.
  8. Not surprising given that it's free, although I couldn't find those details on the site, along with how much they cover (I guess I have to request information). Is it possible to have both? Seems beneficial to sign up with QMA earlier (75$ premium isn't bad) to get more coverage later on. Does Sogemec's plan get better/become comparable to QMA's plan after medical school?
  9. Who offers these plans in Quebec? Are you only eligible for the OMA disability insurance if you're a resident of Ontario? What about CMA insurance? When I looked into becoming a CMA member earlier, it seemed you had to be a member of OMA which I thought was only for Ontarians
  10. Eudaimonia

    How to improve weak ECs?

    My tip is to look at whether your activities are able to show you're proficient at the CANMED competencies first. For more details/ideas on types of ECs you can improve on, I suggest you look through the UBC application guidelines as they are EC-heavy and ask for more specific things than other schools. But overall, I wouldn't say your ECs are weak; they seem on par or better than what I had at that stage, and that didn't hold me back from getting interviews. I'd focus on your MCAT for now!
  11. Eudaimonia


    It's perfectly fine for Canadian schools not to have any shadowing experience (US schools heavily desire it). Many people have successfully been admitted without doing that. Those who did some shadowing activity have put it on their application as it doesn't hurt, but what's more important is whether it helped you understand why you want to be a physician etc. After a certain amount of shadowing hours, you should have gotten what you will have gotten out of it so some people prefer to include a variety of hours instead of long term hours in one specialty, but that's up to you to decide.
  12. To be eligible for wGPA at Queen's, you have to have full course loads. If I'm not wrong, they don't have a year requirement like Western, but in any case your level of courses seems fine. Your research courses won't be treated any different than other courses as long as you get a numerical grade. The statement means that an A on the hardest course/program is treated equally as an A in a bird course, ie they don't take the context into account
  13. Also the two cards Scotia offers are under the same rewards program. They essentially offer you the Amex which has an aggressive 4x points on certain categories, but give you a backup Passport to use with merchants that don't accept Amex. So in this case, splitting expenses gets you more rewards than using either card alone.
  14. Eudaimonia

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    You are indeed a speedy potato always keeping us updated even when you've been taken off the list
  15. Eudaimonia

    CARS practice?

    Next step has 2 free practice tests but I highly highly recommend you buy the full length practice tests from AAMC as they are most representative. For cars I heard the old EK 1001 book is good. AAMC also has the verbal reasoning exam pack
  16. Just depends on which rewards program you prefer, cashback or points. Both have 4% max in certain categories, check what appeals to your spending. Keep in mind Amex is not accepted everywhere but is usually fine for bigger purchases so you'll still be accumulating lots of points. If you're using the Passport too, think about how you want to balance different rewards programs. Using it with Amex will grow your points much faster.
  17. Eudaimonia

    Transcript confusion?

    I don't know to what extent they go background checking or how easy it is for them to access enrollment records. Worst case, they find out something looks fishy. But I'm sure they won't just toss your application at that stage. Upon further investigation it'll be clear that you have no transcript and the situation seems ambiguous enough that they'd forgive you for not reporting your enrollment. I encourage you to contact OMSAS if you continue to be concerned
  18. Eudaimonia

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    You decided on McGill! Also curious if you have any insight on the unusual IP movement this year @YASMED This is exciting, rooting for you!
  19. His current score should be good for Queen's but he is mostly rewriting because he has a good application for UBC IP and may just need a more impressive MCAT to get that acceptance! Should not be detrimental (apart from being unpleasant) to rewrite especially if the school accepts your best score (I haven't checked which ones do)
  20. Eudaimonia

    Transcript confusion?

    Hm I mean, say you dropped a course from your regular undergraduate program before the withdraw deadline- it would never show up on your transcript and no one would know you took a few classes. So I would think this is the same case. The policy is that you must not neglect to send all the transcripts you have, but here you have no transcript to send so I don't think you'd be flagged for not providing it. That's my logic
  21. Eudaimonia

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    I anticipate it's the same process as described in those emails, which is similar to that at any university. The site is just going to be helpful by providing the exact codes we need. I don't even think there's any rush to register next week (since spots are restricted) as long as you do so by the August deadline
  22. Eudaimonia

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Those emails were for newly admitted undergrads to McGill right? I'm waiting on more specific details regarding the course codes we need etc. We will all be in the same class and have the same registration codes (maybe not for small groups) but we still have to register for them. Some schools do it automatically for you haha
  23. Eudaimonia

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Still no info which should appear on this page https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/newstudents/registration-orientation Registration shouldn't be like undergrad where you're trying to secure spots for your preferred courses and dealing with system crashes right?
  24. Yeah my advisor said because he applied for my Passport under the LOC plan, he couldn't set up this public reward. Not sure if you could ask to apply for the Passport under the regular program and then they waive the fee on top of that. If so I missed out ha, but honestly I'm feeling very self-conscious about further negotiations if it seems to be so much trouble for them. Therefore I didn't get any other perks but the common ones, especially since I negotiated before this news that seemed to have increased the bar lol
  25. Could you elaborate on that Scotia 10000 points bonus? Is it part of that travel bundle offer? If so, I tried to get it, but my advisor couldn't figure out how the code for that as it doesn't fall under the med LOC or something. Let me know if you are successful in this please!