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  1. Chill and close classes + great social environment, not a competitive atmosphere, lots of opportunities for students to get involved and be engaged. To me, these are the biggest differences from other schools. Academically and clinically, you will have a good experience anywhere in Canada.
  2. Does anyone know which colour won the poll last year? They must compile the voting data for future use.
  3. Do people generally go with the bank provided life/disability insurance? Is there a better option that exists? I remember hearing something about a cheaper alternative through MD financial or something like that, but may be thinking of something else.
  4. Definitely consider USMD as well. It's still first round CARMs. It isn't less competitive, but GPA is less important and you get way more opportunity to explain your interests and qualifications than the Canadian application process. The biggest obstacle is that you only get one shot to apply to USMD. US schools don't typically like to see people who have applied more than once. You also really have to have your application submitted by early July. I would say apply to Canada a few times before considering international. Then apply to Canada and USMD. If that doesn't work, apply to Canada, USMD, USDO, and Ireland. In the meantime, get some good clinical experience, focus on the MCAT, and boost your GPA to be competitive for USMD if Canadian schools don't work out this year. The process sucks, but it's a numbers game and it often takes a few cycles. Applying to international schools now doesn't save you any money or time if you consider the international tuition vs Canadian tuition and how long you could have to wait to return home.
  5. So, is the main difference between RBC and Scotia the iPad and credit cards? I’m not seeing any real differences in the packages I was given from both.
  6. Ah okay. Thank you both, that’s very good to know.
  7. Hey guys, Does anyone know when we’d hear back about the Queen’s bursary that was due in Feb? My status is still in progress. I’m trying to decide on a budget for living expenses. thanks!
  8. Has there ever been a yellow? Id be very happy with black or red
  9. Got the email!!! Had to read it 20 times to be sure Timestamp: 2:07
  10. Wow what a loaded statement! Just when I had convinced myself it probably didn’t matter. Does that mean that the phrasing is deliberate? Oh man. To be fair, it would be a really odd policy for admissions to give hints about upcoming offers via solus. I’m going to keep telling myself it means nothing.
  11. I guess it depends on how many remove themselves from the waitlist before May 22 for other Ontario schools. If it was 150 and ~50 people removed themselves, almost everyone on the waitlist would get in... but it looks like there are lots of people who don’t get off the waitlist based on these forums (and lots of people who turn down waitlist positions). All this speculation is going to drive me crazy
  12. When has that occurred? I haven’t seen anything like that looking at recent years
  13. Purely speculation, but I’d assume the waitlist is more like 250. If ~90 people turn down offers for other schools I would assume a similar number of people on the waitlist are in that category and will remove themselves when they accept another school. My guess: 125 accepted, 250 waitlist, 125 rejected From the ranked list they would accept up to position ~180 + (number of people who remove themselves from waitlist). E.g. 50 people on the waitlist accept another Ontario offer = the person ranked 230th is accepted. (That’s also assuming QuARMs and MD/PhD are less likely to reject an offer)
  14. You can generally tell by looking at the demographics of where students came from. Like if it says 5 internationals accepted and the only countries shown are Canada and the US, you know Canadians are considered internationals. I'd recommend calling the schools you are interested in. They'll have staff dedicated to answering these kinds of questions.
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