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    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Hello ! I am currently filling out the CV part of the application. I am getting published with my supervisor by the end of december ( paper is still being written), and it wont be out before the application deadline. How do i include a "future publication" on the CV?
  2. dentdreams101

    Mcgill Dmd application

    You're allowed, its more a decision if you think it can be improved or not!
  3. Hey everyone, I am finishing up my undergrad in anatomy cell biology, not sure how to calculate my science GPA. Does anyone mind giving me the exact classes to include? The reason I am asking is that they mention how PHGY 209 is the recommended class for the science prerequs, but I did much better in PHGY 210, would I be able to replace PHGY 209 with my second grade? (did all my option 1 classes in CEGEP) Thanks a lot
  4. dentdreams101

    DMD application 2019

    thank you so much!
  5. dentdreams101

    DMD application 2019

    Hello everyone, I'm sure this has been posted several times on the forum. I am applying during the next application cycle, but i'm not sure if its worth it or not. My dream is to get into dentistry. I'm entering my third year in anatomy and cell biology, and my GPA is 3.76. Is that low for mcgill dentistry? I know i have a lot of extracurriculars (dental assistant since the age or 16 etc..), but I also took 4 classes per semester. Do you think I have a chance at an interview? Thanks in advance!
  6. dentdreams101

    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    mon ami a concordia en bio avait un 4.12/4.3 et elle a eu un 33.4, j'ai un 3.72/4 a mcgill et j'ai eu un 32.5
  7. dentdreams101

    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    SAlut tout le monde, cette annee un gpa de 4.12/4/3 m'avait donner un CRU de 33.42 en bio.... je comprends vraiment pas comment c'est possible que ca aurait baisser tellement comparativement des cotes donner sur la premiere page....
  8. dentdreams101


    Salut tout le monde! J'avais quelques questions par rapport a monte CRU. Je suis une etudiante de McGill, et je viens recevoir mon cote apres avoir faite la demande ... J'ai recu une cote de 32.5 a U de M. Quand j'ai applique j'avais un 3.72/4 a mcgill, et j'avais pas fini mon cegep. Je suis en anatomie et cell biologie. Je comprends pas pourquoi c'est tellement bas pour les sciences biologiques. Il y a t'il du monde que ont recu leur cote pour BIO a U de M ou qui ont ete acceptes en med/dent cette session? Merci
  9. dentdreams101

    CRU demande

    merci tout le monde
  10. dentdreams101

    CRU demande

    c'est la troisieme fois que j'ai fait la demande depuis mon refus, et j'ai rien recu :/
  11. dentdreams101

    CRU demande

    Salut! Il y a t'il du monde qui ont recu leur CRU apres avoir ete refuser cette session? Ca fait deja 2 mois et je n'ai rien recu! Merci
  12. dentdreams101

    DENT 2019

    Hello everyone! I am currently in U2, and am finishing my BSC in anatomy and cell biology next year. That being said, application season is right around the corner, and I had a question. I decided to take 4 classes per semester during my bachelors and was wondering if I McGill was as "anal" as they say they are about having 5 classes per semester for applicants. Thanks in advance!
  13. dentdreams101

    DMD 2018

    did you get anything??
  14. dentdreams101

    DMD 2018

    sur le centre etudiant?