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  1. no submit button, just add all ur documents, and ur good to go!
  2. dentdreams101

    CV name DMD

    did anyone name their CV document something specific for DMD before adding it to minerva? This was given for med " 2019_mcgill_id_last-first_cvmd_eng" , but not sure about dent!
  3. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

    did you change the cell margins of the tables? not the actual page but cells (like make the description cell bigger)
  4. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

  5. dentdreams101


    Hey guys! one last question. Did you organize your cv from latest to oldest? (like recent things to things done in the past) or oldest to newest? not sure how it should be organized.
  6. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

    same, but honestly since we have a limited length, we have to improvise
  7. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

    I'm going to do that! I don't have much room left so i need to start putting things into the same box!
  8. dentdreams101

    What time do we need to submit by on Nov 1st

    Deadline to submit all required documents (transcripts, academic history workbook, CASPer Test and DAT Results, personal statement, CV, list of verifiers, proof of Quebec residency (if applicable), proof of English proficiency (if applicable))--- november 3rd https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/how-apply Hope this helps !
  9. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

    thank you so much ! I really appreciate it
  10. dentdreams101

    McGill CV

    Hey Guys! currently writing my mcgill CV (probably like most of us reading this forum), and had a question regarding the formatting. Should we be writing every nitty-gritty volunteering/awards/jobs we've done since CEGEP, or should we just be writing memorable/important things? I seem to have enough for 2 pages, but only have 3 jobs written down, 4 volunteer experiences, a couple of research positions and extracurriculars.. I could probably add more (those volunteer gigs you do for one day for example), but I find them a waste of space.. Would love some advice Thanks a lot
  11. dentdreams101

    Science prerequisites McGill Option 2

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the information. I have emailed admissions, and phgy 209 must be used if you have taken it, even if u have taken phgy 210
  12. Hey guys! Is the course number for the "dentistry information" section of the application, the CRN or "chem 222" ? thanks
  13. dentdreams101

    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Comment c'est possible que j'ai eu un 32.5 de CRU a l'U de M en anat/cell bio avec un 3.7/4? Ca fait tu du sense?
  14. dentdreams101

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Hello ! I am currently filling out the CV part of the application. I am getting published with my supervisor by the end of december ( paper is still being written), and it wont be out before the application deadline. How do i include a "future publication" on the CV?
  15. dentdreams101

    Mcgill Dmd application

    You're allowed, its more a decision if you think it can be improved or not!