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  1. medabe

    Converting Credits to McGill Credits

    I am not quite sure from your question, why you are looking at McGill at all. Are you planning to apply to McGill? Or did you get a degree already at McGill? If you did your undergrad at UBC, you look at 7. If you did your undergrad at McGill, you look at 8. This has nothing to do with which medical school you are applying to. Hope that helps.
  2. medabe

    Giving up slowly...

    I would highly recommend taking a course - Kaplan was really good. Take the one with the most face to face classes. It costs a fortune, but you will earn it back in your first week of practicing medicine.
  3. medabe

    ABS format

    I had the same issue. Wondering if someone will contact Schulich to find out if they will be able to read the full essays.
  4. medabe


    I believe you need to re-type into the space. Not cut and paste.
  5. Learned the hard way that 29 credits is an absolute bar for Western. Your two best years must each have at least 30 undergraduate credits taken between September and May, and you need to make sure you satisfy the 3/5 Rule (at least 3/5 of your credits in each year must be at the level you are in, or above). If you do not have any years with 30 credits and at least a 3.7, GPA, you will need to take a fourth year (to graduate) with 30 credits AND a "special year" thereafter, but it must be an undergraduate special year (with some specific requirements as to which courses you can and can not take to qualify) in order to qualify for a Western interview. And, of course, you need to meet the MCAT cut offs. Super complicated, but apparently very very strict on these requirements.
  6. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Alas, regrets as well... ):
  7. medabe

    Painted Nails? Male & Female

    I would definitely leave the nail polish off for this interview. Given that it is soooo hard to get a medical school interview in Canada, I can not imagine why anyone would do anything that would risk them not being accepted, post interview. It is a sad truth in many places, that prejudices exist, and I for one, would rather be offered a position at medical school (whereupon I can wear whatever I want!) than stand on principal, without a medical school position. I would say the same thing to a male or female. If you have to ask, it is probably too risky. my 2 cents!
  8. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Not to be overly negative, but the failure to reject someone who did not meet the MCAT cutoffs could also mean that they are simply holding most of the rejections until the end, so that they don't have to field 1000 phone calls from rejectees, while they are still reviewing applications and conducting interviews!!
  9. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Maybe you should call and ask? That's a pretty crazy GPA!! Congrats!
  10. medabe

    Next round of invites

    so you have something like a 4.0 wGPA and have not heard back? hmmm
  11. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Based on this thread, there seems to be a lot of people who have not heard back. Are you guys, like me, between the low GPA rejections we have seen on this forum (3.84) and the high GPA acceptances (3.95-4.0). I’m at a wGPA of 3.89 which is most likely too low for u of t I’m guessing
  12. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Someone just posted that they received an invite today...,
  13. medabe

    Next round of invites

    For all of us expecting a rejection email in the next few days, can we agree to post our stats, notwithstanding the pain of the rejection, even though we will all feel like abandoning the premed forum?!? I know it will be helpful for future applicants (of which some of us will, no doubt, be) !! thx
  14. medabe

    Next round of invites

    Where did you find this? I’ve been searching FB but can’t find their pAge. Thx!
  15. You are correct that the website says you can do third and fourth year courses in your 5th year IF YOU HAVE NOT GRADUATED. The problem is that if you HAVE graduated, there is no direct indication on the website as to what level courses you need to take in your "special year". Hence my original question. This will definitely need a confirming email to Western Admissions before registering for the special year courses. Definitely do not want to find out next year that fifth year courses (for example) were required!!