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  1. I would guess it’s because you’re a third year applicant. They usually prefer fourth year or higher or so I’ve heard. But who knows.
  2. medabe

    WGPA and the FCEs

    unless some of your 4th year courses are pass/fail, which I think you said was your intention
  3. medabe

    WGPA and the FCEs

    true, but if @teriyakisauce has to apply a second time (ie after fourth year) because he/she does not get in on the first try, then those 4th year marks will be very important...
  4. I am not sure that MDoilers56 posted legit info. Invites came out today, not yesterday. and any OOP with a 98th percentile MCAT and 95th percentile CARS, got an interview. got waitlisted today as OOP with 97th percentile MCAT and 95th percentile CARS.
  5. oh right, you're SWOMEN. So 125 was the cut off. got it. Maybe after you have had some time to chill, you can consider (a) taking an MCAT course with a view to improving your MCAT for next year, so that you can apply more widely and/or (b) getting some help on writing the Western essays next year and/or (c) doing some great things this year and getting new reference letters. All the best and good luck!
  6. Hey EssexMed, I am sorry to hear you received a rejection this year. I see you had an interview at Western last year. I assume that means you have at least a 129 on CARS? Maybe what you need to do is have someone review your Western essays next year? Someone who can help you relate your obviously great EC's to the criteria Western is looking for? I know it takes a toll to have to wait another year.but don't give up. my 2 cents for what they're worth
  7. I hesitate to get into the fray, but while i understand the frustration of self-proclaimed/self-named "deserving student", who had a 524 MCAT and a 3.96 GPA (obviously outstanding stats) and was still denied a Western interview invite, it may indeed be time for some self reflection. Deserving student did not get an interview at Queens either...so the question is, was there something in his/her essays or EC's or reference letters that raised concerns? because clearly it could not have been the stellar GPA and the stellar MCAT. I would suggest having someone review the essays to see if maybe they come off in a way that he/she does not intend? Hard to know. I also note that last year tons of applicants were upset that they did not get an interview at Western because they missed the HARD 129 in CARS by one point, or missed the HARD 3.7 by a point....so hard to please all of the people all of the time.
  8. Result: Invite! Time Stamp: 9:20 am Interview Date: 2 yr GPA: 3.89 Year: 5th special year (after obtaining UG degree MSc) MCAT: 519 (129 CARS) ECs: 2 years research, 2 publications , varied leadership roles, volunteering, and other interesting EC's throughout. Geography: IP
  9. medabe

    interview invites are out

    Congrats! What were your stats for OOP invite?
  10. medabe

    interview invites are out

    did you get an email invite?
  11. The day to accept the Mac interview is February 11, 2019.