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  1. 2019goals

    DMD 2019 Waitlist Movement

  2. Lol that's why I said my comment. I clicked his profile and saw his past posts..
  3. Not to be rude, but why would you even post this? You have a perfect GPA in last 2 years and a high MCAT that meets all schools' cut-offs.. You have the classic pre-med ECs: varsity team, research, undergrad clubs, awards- so you are all set. Are you just looking for attention?
  4. did they tell you your actual interview ranking?
  5. 2019goals

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    How much is the initial deposit? Just curious
  6. 2019goals

    DMD for those accepted

  7. Is there anyone else here who is OOP and is WL for McGill DMD?
  8. did anyone here interview at McGill DMD as well?
  9. did anyone here interview at mcgill dmd too?
  10. Anyone who got accepted to UofT and will be rejecting McGill in order to go to UofT?
  11. 2019goals

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    did anyone hear back from UBC DMD??
  12. 2019goals

    DMD mcgill

    are you IP or OOP?? It's not letting me message you
  13. 2019goals

    DMD mcgill

    do you know how many people are on the OOP waitlist?
  14. did anyone here interview for mcgill dent as well?