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  1. no, I got accepted last year. Usually it doesn't go as high as 12 though. Previous years OOP went up to 7 or 8 spots, so it is tough to predict the movement this year
  2. Hi, last year the last offer was to OOP #12. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hi, I can very much relate to what you just described in your first few sentences. I did not attend UofT, but I have experienced the same thing at another university. Unfortunately it is common, since people are competitive. I am sure it happens in many schools across the country too. Once you start medical school, your classmates will all be from various schools. Not everyone will be from UofT undergrad. Since you all made it in, there will be more collaboration. Also, not everyone will want the same specialties.
  4. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: Accepted! cGpa: 3.98 thoughts on MMI: I thought it went well. Felt good afterwards IP/OOP: OOP
  5. Lol that's why I said my comment. I clicked his profile and saw his past posts..
  6. Not to be rude, but why ask this? You have a perfect GPA in last 2 years and a high MCAT that meets all schools' cut-offs.. You have the classic pre-med ECs: varsity team, research, undergrad clubs, awards- so you are all set.
  7. did they tell you your actual interview ranking?
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