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  1. There have already been cutbacks to pharmacists and to pharmacy owners from the government of Canada and past Alberta government. My Dad is a Pharmacist and Owner for over 30 years and the business is definitely changing but is still unpredictable in what could happen. As pharmacists begin to become more clinical pharmacists and do less dispensing (simply filling prescriptions and counting pills) their will be other ways for them to make money. At this point it isn't fully clear if Pharmacists will be able to make the same amount of money with these new roles or not, but in my opinion the profession is definitely changing for the better and will improve patient health care alot!
  2. awesome thanks! i was thinking it would be more like 17,000 per year so that is good to know!!
  3. does anyone know what the cost of tuition is per year or semester?? I can't find it anywhere
  4. For those who didn't gain a spot, I was also accepted to UofA so I will be declining my offer. I'm sure others may give up their positions as well so don't lose all hope just yet! I was given till the 23rd to reply so I'm sure some more invites will be sent out after that
  5. im not sure what my pre req GPA is exactly then if you are talking about the required 60 credits. It is probably around a 3.5 or 3.6. And yes, my last two years ended up higher than i previously thought it would be.
  6. I just got my acceptance this morning as well! was not expecting it this soon! I am an in province student with 3.7 cumulative GPA and 3.96 for my last 2 years. This past year i had a 4.0 with a full course load of 30 credits.
  7. i just heard back from them today with my letter of acceptance! so don't lose hope! they are still sending some out!
  8. I still haven't heard anything from them!
  9. How long do you have to accept if you mind me asking? And are you in province student?
  10. Not sure. I would hope so. I was interviewed Saturday and haven’t heard anything yet... maybe there is rounds they sent out invites before rejections
  11. Did people on Saturday receive them already? Or has nobody gotten an invite yet?
  12. I'm curious as to what questions people are practicing for the interview? Are people simply looking up random practice questions online or did the school provide any sample questions?
  13. to me it sounded like mainly the course load was the issue since they only emphasized last 2 years courses GPA in the rejection letter.
  14. Saturday the 4th in the evening. OOP applicant with 3.1 GPA first year pre reqs and 3.94 last 30 credits.
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