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  1. Accepted Regina IPGPA: 81%MCAT: 508 Interview: I felt like the interview went pretty well! I practiced scenarios and read a lot to prepare and had three previous interviews to practice, which definitely helped (3rd year applying to Unis, 1st time to Sask).
  2. Accepted, PGMPAGPA: 82%MCAT: 508 (balanced, 126 CARS)ECs: Involved working many different jobs, diverse volunteer work, leadership positions (This is probably my best category)Geography: IPYear: MastersInterview: It was hard to tell how the interview was coming out. I felt like I definitely could have done better, but looking back on it I think it went fairly well. I practiced scenarios and talking a lot to prepare and had two previous interviews to practice (last year), which definitely helped.
  3. Result: Accepted!! Geography :IP GPA: 3.6 MCAT: 510 Degree : Masters E.C: I've been involved in a lot of volunteer, opportunities, community, projects/research (some health related, but mostly not) Interview: I think it went well(ish) but it was hard to tell. I enjoyed the panel!!