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  1. striders02

    May 14 Countdown

    Their OMSAS entry for Western is blank. As in, it appears the same as schools they did not get interviews at.
  2. striders02

    May 14 Countdown

    Yes, same!
  3. striders02

    May 14 Countdown

    Congrats to everyone who received offers, and best of luck to anyone still waiting!!! Bumping some qs from the previous page: does anyone know what 'TDR' means for U of T, or 'MDR' for McMaster?
  4. striders02

    May 14 Countdown

    The lunar cycles don't lie.
  5. striders02

    Submission of final transcript

    Is there a deadline for sending in our official transcripts? Hopefully I haven't missed it somewhere obvious, I looked through the offer letter and online but couldn't find it. I likely won't have all my grades from this semester until mid-May, so just a bit worried about timelines.
  6. striders02

    low GPA lost hope

    Hey, sorry to hear you're feeling down about grades, it's so tough to balance ECs vs academics so I can definitely relate. Could you post your year-by-year GPA? Some schools only look at your best two years (e.g. Queens), and Ottawa looks at your most recent three years with the more recent years being more heavily weighted. You still have 4th year to get a high single-year GPA which will help a lot for Queens and a decent amount for Ottawa. Lastly, McMaster doesn't rely on grades too heavily; just 33% of interview invite score and 15% of post-interview score. Try to keep your head up, and if the stress really has you down try to clear your head (meet up with friends, take a nap, play video games, whatever)- most problems are resolvable and it can be easier to see that with a fresh mindset!
  7. Hi all, I was very lucky and received an admission offer from McGill. First things first, best of luck to anyone still waiting and let's all make sure to take care of ourselves in this stressful time! I notice that the deadline to accept/decline this offer is before Ontario medical schools release their results. So, is it correct that students who receive a McGill offer but have other school decisions pending, have to decide on McGill without knowing whether they got in elsewhere? Or does McGill usually extend the deadline for students in this scenario? Thanks very much for any help!
  8. TIME STAMP: ~2:30pm  Result: Admitted with condition!!! pre-reqGPA: 4.0 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Two stations I thought I did really well on, and two stations I thought I dropped the ball, with the rest being somewhere in between. In general I tried to be as genuine in my answers as possible and tried to approach each station with a fresh mindset. IP/OOP/International: OOP
  9. I believe they're outlined here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/maaf-medicine-en-201909.pdf
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping to apply to the Sunnybrook SRI research program for this upcoming summer. I believe the application is jointly submitted by a student and a potential PI, so I've reached out to a scientist and she has agreed to supervise me over the summer. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the application form? I've looked through the SRI program website but haven't been able to find it. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi all, I've received interview invites to McMaster and U of T, and unfortunately they fall on the same date. I received my McMaster II some time ago and have sent in confirmation of attendance; I just received my U of T II today. Does anyone know how I should approach the conflict? Just shoot U of T (or Mac) an e-mail asking to re-schedule? Thanks so much!
  12. Hi all, I believe different schools have different procedures regarding follow-up questions in the MMI. Does McGill generally have follow-up questions? And if so, are they pre-determined follow-up questions, or might they be personalized based on one's answer? Finally, are there any other details to know about answering follow-ups? If answering this question would violate any NDA-like forms signed at the interview, please let me know and I'll delete this post. Thanks!
  13. striders02

    Interview Confirmation Documentation

    Thank you! Yes, today is the last day. Cheers!
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to confirm that the following three documents are all that's needed for confirming attendance to interview: Confirmation of Attendance sheet Non-disclosure sheet Scan of 2 pieces of photo ID with name, McGill ID, and interview date written on the page Thanks!
  15. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00 am Interview Date: N/A wGPA: 4.00 Year: 4th Year MCAT: 517 (131/127/131/128) ECs: Apparently not good enough - a poster and an oral presentation, VP on some clubs, student government positions Geography: IP