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  1. Starburst

    The slow decay of dentistry

    I've heard the same and I gotta agree. If they pass the exams, they are accredited. But I do think that Canadian Boards should be more practical based cause right now they don't involve any clinical work unlike the US board exams where you have to work on patients for your boards. I think this would probably filter out more foreign applicants.
  2. Starburst

    Dental education in Canada

    I went to stanford and umichigan for undergrad and from the people I've met, most people don't know about Canadian dental schools. But from what I hear, Canadian DDS/DMD is recognized in the US.
  3. I agree with dentkid12, PAT definitely took me the longest to learn. I would suggest start practicing early over the summer, preferably on paper rather than online generators since it makes a HUGE difference in terms of the skills you develop and the techniques you can use. If you wana practice PAT on paper, I think DATCrusher is the only resource that offers printable PAT generators and they were an amazing resource when I practiced for my DAT. As for study materials, I used Chad's videos, Kaplan book and 3rd edition cliff's notes (you can get it free online) to learn the material for Biology and Chemistry. As for practice tests, I used both crusher and bootcamp. If you're tight for money and time, I would go with Crusher over bootcamp because it was cheaper, had printable generators and I thought it was more representative of the DAT I saw in February. Regardless of what you use, the most important thing you need to do is work your butt off and then you'll get the score that you deserved. I studied for months and I ended up doing pretty well: Bio: 25 / Chem: 30 / PAT: 24 / RC: 23 / AA: 26. Inbox me if you have any questions.
  4. Not taking a class should not defer you from taking the DAT later. You can honestly learn all the biochem in the summer for the DAT. But if you had to choose between the two, I would do biochem 1 (atleast from my school). But then again every school is diff so i would check with the syllabus
  5. Starburst

    DAT bootcamp notes

    They are the updated version of Feralis notes but are not very useful imo since they're too detailed and have lots of unnecessary information. You're better off reading Cliff's Biology 3rd Edition tbh.
  6. Starburst

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    That's actually pretty clever, never really thought of that. More importantly @westcoastbestcoast why would you bother drawing grids when you are allowed to write directly on the paper on the Canadian DAT? Just print the PAT questions and practice on paper by drawing directly on the question, it saves you significant time.
  7. Frankly he should be making much more than 225k so i'm not sure what he's doing. But you made an excellent point, he's doing what he enjoys but unfortunately it's at the expense of taxpayers :/
  8. Starburst

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    I don't know about Kaplan but I used DATCrusher for the PAT section since their generators allow you to generate and print PAT questions in the same format as the CDA manual/Canadian DAT. This was gold since it helped me get a 24PAT and was definitely more useful than the Bootcamp generators. @Ms. Chip Skylark I personally scored 26AA and 24PAT without any prep courses, in fact, no one I know really used any prep courses. It honestly really comes down to how you prepare and the effort you put. To give you some perspective how I studied, I went over Chad's videos once, the Kaplan book twice, and all of my notes several times. If you're taking the November DAT, I would recommend start studying now and you should be fine
  9. Starburst

    need some advice

    It's about $200k more. And it's better to pay that much more than keep applying 2-3 years in Canada (you lost 2-3 years of income which turns out to be 300-450k of lost income). But obviously, you have to look at your stats and judge if you will ever get into a Canadian school, if you can't then it's better to go to a US school.
  10. Starburst

    Help? Uoft Waitlist vs. UCC

    Yikes that's an expensive deposit. I would wait for UofT, there's probably a very high chance that you'll get in off the waitlist.
  11. I came across an article from The Wall Street Journal where this orthodontist got himself in $1mill+ in debt from student loans. Is this very common and what do you guys think? https://www.wsj.com/articles/mike-meru-has-1-million-in-student-loans-how-did-that-happen-1527252975#comments_sector
  12. Starburst

    need some advice

    Have you considered applying to US medical schools? Your GPA would be really competitive there
  13. haha atleast you're a dental student. I'm a poor Canadian college student living in the US paying a steep currency exchange fml lol
  14. My scores on the 2018 February DAT: Bio: 25 (Used Kaplan, Cliff's Notes and made my own notes) Chem: 30 (Used Chad's videos, Crusher, Bootcamp) PAT: 24 (Used Crusher, Bootcamp) RC: 23 (Used random internet resources, Crusher, Bootcamp) AA: 26 I strongly recommend you go over all the topics listed on CDA's website (https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/becoming/dat/information/) and know every topic for Biology and Chemistry VERY WELL. To give you some perspective how I studied, I went over Chad's videos once, the Kaplan book twice, and all of my notes several times. This was followed by a lot of practice tests to know where my weaknesses were. For the PAT, I used a combination of both Bootcamp and Crusher's tests, and when I had spare time I would use printable generators from Crusher to print out PAT worksheets (this is key! There's a huge difference between practicing the PAT on paper like the real DAT versus practicing on a computer). And at the end, I was consistently scoring close to perfect on all of those PAT sections. For the RC, I read a passage/article every night before going to bed and wrote down as much detail as I could remember. Over time, I was able to build my reading comprehension skills and some stamina. At the end of all of this, the most important thing I learned was that if you want to do exceptionally well, you have to work your butt off and then you'll get the score that you deserved. Inbox me if you have any questions 
  15. Starburst

    UWO and UofT

    I thought specialty programs don't care if you went to UofT or UWO ...?