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  1. Starburst

    UWO admissions selection process

    I heard it was 20 from a few friends. Please correct me if i'm wrong
  2. lol that's not true. Tuition at american schools are usually 1.5-2x more expensive than Canadian schools but CIBC raised their loans to $350k this year so money shouldn't be an issue as long as you're confident that you'll make it through dental school @DMDtobe I think you should apply, you have a good chance of getting into good schools depending on your DAT scores. American schools are also more holistic than Canadian schools so they'll weigh in the fact that your GPA improved every year. I would also apply to Canadian schools too since some drop your lowest years/ look at your best 2 years. But keep your options open. Many people on these forums will try to deter you from applying to American schools even though it's a viable option. Just keep in mind that by going to an american school you'll probably end up with your american licence too which is way more difficult to get than the Canadian licence. To give you a perspective, you need to write NBDE part 1 and 2, CDCA exams (5 individual exams with a few requiring you to have real patients patients with specific board lesions). So getting your training in the US isn't as bad as you think it is especially since most major cities in Canada are saturated whereas in the US you'll make 1.5-3x you'll make in Canada. Edit: I heard from a friend that CIBC gives out 500k in loans for dental students but the CIBC website says they only do 350k in loans.
  3. Starburst

    UWO admissions selection process

    Normally it's too low for UWO. I don't think they'll even look at your application since the RC cutoffs have been 20-21 in recent years
  4. Thank-you! That's helps a lot
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Is there anything you would recommend doing now to prepare before starting dental school? And would non-dental research publications help me when applying for OMFS residency?
  6. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Right but we're talking about a 5/30 here that's literally the lowest score you can possibly get if you touched the soap lol. You can give it a shot but realistically you'll have to rewrite the DAT if you want to apply to McGill again. But just curious did you guys not practice at all?
  7. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    True but like @keepITup said, the lowest grade given out was a 5. If they lower the score, you'll be cancelling the whole section which McGill is not going to do. Asking them to do that is like asking UWO to lower their RC cutoff from 20 to 10 (no one gets a 10). Like I said, just pick up a blade and practice next time or watch some soap carving videos
  8. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Lmaoo I laughed when I saw this. I doubt they are going to bring down the threshold for MDT from 6 to 5. The MDT scores for this year are one of the highest they've ever had with tons of people getting 30s. I hate to say this but honestly you should've just taken the MDT section more seriously.
  9. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Don't worry I can totally relate. I would focus on exams since that's the most important thing right now. You can recover from doing poorly on the November DAT but it's hard to recover from a low GPA. When you rewrite, focus on studying Biology and Chemistry topics listed on CDA's website (Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition, Kaplan book, or whatever you choose). Go over the material as many times as you can and practice using practice tests (there were some repeats on my real DAT from DATcrusher if that helps). For the PAT you have to practice on PAPER, it makes a HUGE difference. So print as many PAT questions as you can and practice whenever you get a chance. For reading comp., only practice using 50minutes like the real canadian dat. I made the mistake of using DATBootcamp's tests that are 60minutes the first time and it ruined my reading score (don't use those, they are terrible imo). Since the Feb DAT is during reading week, most people end up doing a lot better too so don't stress about your DAT scores right now. You'll all be fine.
  10. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    If i were you, I would write it again in February if you think you could've done better. You'll most likely do better and in case you don't, at least you'll have time to write the November DAT for next cycle.
  11. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Don't worry, I was in the same boat as you guys. I didn't score as well the first time I wrote the DAT. I learned it's better to write the DAT as many times as you can if you're applying to Canadian schools since they all look at your BEST score. You don't have anything to lose from rewriting.
  12. That's amazing. I recently got into Columbia for dental school but my first choice is Umichigan (waitlisted). Would you say the school you go to makes a difference when applying to OMFS residency? Thank-you!
  13. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Wow that's crazy! That scale makes me cringe If you took the DAT this cycle, don't get discouraged. I wrote twice and the 2nd time I wrote in February the scale was SOO much more lenient. All of my friends did signicantly better. Just write again since schools will look at your best score
  14. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Haha couldn't agree more. I honestly stopped looking at these forums and tried finding other ways to get my mind off these things while waiting for school decisions
  15. Starburst

    Officially resigned

    That's great that you found this out now rather than later. Best of luck with everything!