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  1. This. And I think there might be an online version of the dentalschoolexplorer book some where online
  2. I would say the content on DATCrusher is much better than bootcamp, especially because crusher is meant for the Canadian DAT and has printable PAT generators which are significantly better than bootcamp’s generators. lol In fact I had 7-8 biol and chem questions on the real DAT that were from Crusher. Besides Crusher, there's also DATDestroyer which is an amazing learning tool that truly helped me master the chemistry section.. @Anita1010 Most of the resources out there are meant for the American DAT so I would be careful with what you choose since there are differences between the American and Canadian DAT. And I would recommend gooing on CDA's website and checking out the list of topics that will show up on the Canadian DAT and then do content review on those topics regardless of the resource that you use. Once you've done your main content review, I would recommend doing practice tests every 1-2 weeks leading up to the Canadia DAT. Best of luck!
  3. That's not true for other schools, particularly Alberta and Quebec dental schools. For Alberta, you need to score as high as you can or you won't get an interview since MDT is worth 1/3 of your DAT score. And all of the Quebec dental schools look at your MDT score, and starting this year including Mcgill. In fact, Mcgill only looks at your PAT and MDT scores now: "Two components of the DAT are used in the assessment of an application: 1. Perceptual Ability Test - minimum required score of 15 out of 30 2. Manual Dexterity Test - minimum required score of 6 out of 30" ^This is directly from Mcgill's website. So if you want to get into Alberta or Mcgill or any other quebec dental school, I would make sure that MDT score is as high as possible.
  4. I used the subscription one, I don't remember exactly which one because a friend purchased it and I shared it with her. I did go over the relevant chapters in both the Cliff's 3rd Edition and the kaplans book. But before I started studying, I wrote down all of the topics that are covered on the DAT on a piece of paper (Found here: https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/becoming/dat/information/) and read the relevant chapters while hand-writing my own notes. Every few days I would review my notes while creating new notes over a period of time. Everything I wrote down, I knew solid by the time of the DAT.
  5. I would call the school and ask the admissions office. But mental health can be used as an extenuating circumstances as long as you explain it well, so I would try that worst-case scenerio. Good luck!
  6. Starburst

    How do US schools look at GPA ?

    First off, i'm incredibly sorry to hear that you had to go through that exprience first year. I'm also applying to american schools this year so maybe i can help you out. To my knowledge, AADSAS takes all of your grades and spits out your GPA for each year, a cumulaive GPA, and a science GPA. Fortunately, american schools do look at your GPA year-to-year and love it when students improve. And american dental schools are much more holestic than Canadian ones and they do acknowledge the fact that life events do happen, so as long as you explain this in your personal statement / somewhere in your AADSAS application, you should be fine. I would also consider appealing your grades from first-year and try having them removed off your transcript. Not sure if that's a possibility at your school, but at the school that I go to, it does happen from time-to-time. If you can't, it's not the end of the world. With your stats, you'll get in somewhere. Best of luck!
  7. I personally scored 26AA and 24PAT on the 2018 Feb DAT. It honestly really comes down to how you prepare and the effort you put. To give you some perspective how I studied, I went over Chad's videos once, the Kaplan book twice, and all of my notes that I made several times. After going through the notes, I tried doing a practice test every 2 weeks. For practice tests, I personally used DATCrusher which was the primary practice tests that I used and it was an amazing resource for me. Bootcamp is also good but I didn't use it too much after I got decent scores solely using it the first time. @DentalNerdZ Also be careful using Ferralis Notes because it didn't cover every topic for the Canadian DAT. There were a chunk of questions on my exam that Ferralis Notes never covered when I wrote the first time. And it has a lot of unnecessary information that you don't need to know.
  8. Starburst

    NYU to make medical school free

    Heard about this, that's insane.
  9. Starburst

    U of T Admissions Office

    Your best bet is to call/e-mail them: 416) 864-8113 or admissions@dentistry.utoronto.ca
  10. I would just appeal those grades from the school and get them removed off your transcript unless having a full-courseload is that important to you. And If you do decide to claim extenuating circumstances, just becareful it's not something that they can penalize you for. So it really depends on the mental issue you had.
  11. Starburst

    UWO different DAT sections

    Can't find too much info on their website but to my knowledge, they have a hard RC cutoff and they look at your AA scores. You can also check out the class of 2021 stats: http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/dentistry/docs/future_students/Class_2021_Statistics.pdf
  12. I think the only school that the masters might help you out is UofT, and maybe UWO. But the masters should help you apply to American dental schools
  13. Starburst

    cDAT Nov. VS Feb.

    This is NOT true. DATbootcamp is for the American DAT, don't believe everything bootcamp says because most of it does NOT apply to the Canadian DAT. The Canadian DAT is offered twice a year and everyone in the entire country writes the SAME version on each of those dates. They grade your performance based on how everyone did on that specific date, not historical performance like on the American DAT. This is evident because on certain versions of the Canadian DAT, a maximum score of 24 or 25 might be given in a certain section for the entire country. You can see all the statistics on DATCrusher's site as PimentRouge pointed out.