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  1. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    I think they were released December 13th last year
  2. Starburst

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    I agree, most of the content on bootcamp don’t apply to the Canadian DAT which is why i didn’t use it much . But ya I had the same experience on my DAT where none of the sections were like bootcamps but it was still a good resource. But yikes when did it become $500?! And I’m surprised most people aren’t posting...?
  3. Starburst

    DAT Transcripts

    Thanks! I wana stay in Michigan so that's gonna be my 1st choice
  4. Starburst

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Random question but how much would an associate be expected to make 2-3 years out of dental school in the GTA?
  5. Starburst

    DAT what to expect

    lol Why are you practicing on the computer? There are DAT resources like DATCrusher with generators that let you print PAT questions
  6. Starburst

    Advice about school abroad

    Haha ya you're right. But better than using his high school grades lol @Z32000 I would personally stay here here and get into a school here than going to australia, but that's just me
  7. Starburst

    Advice about school abroad

    It depends, what's your first year GPA? That should give you an indication of how you will do in dental school.
  8. Lmaoo unless it's a british accent. Those are cool
  9. Starburst

    Practice Tests

    I would say biol and chem were very representative, in fact there were some questions from crusher that showed up on my DAT. For the PAT, the printable generators were the same difficulty level but the practice tests were slightly tougher than the real thing. I guess it's a good thing cause it helped me be more prepared.
  10. Starburst

    Practice Tests

    I wrote the DAT twice. The first time there was one question and it threw me off since I didn't think we needed to know that stuff. The second time there weren't any. I think it rarely shows up but varies cycle to cycle
  11. Starburst

    Practice Tests

    I don't think it was completely representative of what I saw on my DAT. In fact I didn't seeing a single question from bootcamp on my DAT, but I did see a bunch from other resources meant for the Canadian DAT, so there's definitely more representative materials for the Canadian DAT than bootcamp. It's good for extra practice tho but not needed to do well
  12. Starburst

    DAT Prep

    Lmaoo funniest thing i've seen in days. How long did it take for you to write that up?
  13. Starburst

    DAT Transcripts

    Just to add to what Arkragon said, I would recommend calling the schools and making sure they recieved your transcript. One of my friends was applying to NYU a few years ago and they never recieved her transcript. She had to call the DAT co-ordinator and get it sent out but by then it was too late :/
  14. I have a few interviews coming up soon at a few american dental schools and needed a stranger to practice with. If anyone is in michigan or wants to practice online feel free to inbox me, thanks!
  15. Starburst


    Sorry but you won't be able to. You have to write the November DAT to apply this cycle for those 2 schools. On the bright side you'll be more prepared for next cycle.