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  1. I didn’t like DATbootcamp, it doesn’t offer anything to help me prepare for the Canadian DAT and it covers more content than you need to know. There’s also a big difference between practicing on paper versus a computer for the PAT and RC. So I think you’re at really big disadvantage if you’re practicing using Bootcamp. Get a refund on Bootcamp and switch to DATCrusher, IQpublications, and DATDestroyer if you're aiming for a high score. I would also ignore the scale from last year, it's an anomaly. That was the first time that's ever happened from what I've heard.
  2. I didn't think DATBootcamp was a good representation of the Canadian DAT for any of the sections. Their reading comp was excessively harder than the real thing despite their practice tests giving you an extra 10 minutes. And it didn't help that you couldn't print any of their PAT questions like DATCrusher. In terms of predictiveness, I don't remember but in terms of being prepared, I took the DAT twice and scored 21AA/19PAT using only DATBootcamp the first time. I took the cDAT again and scored 26AA/24PAT the second time using DATCrusher, Chad's videos and the purple Kaplan book. Hopefully that helps.
  3. Try the Canadian DAT facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2051233078523372/
  4. I only watched the chemistry videos he had on youtube from the study schedule on DATCrusher. You can also use videos he has on coursesaver too, I've heard good things about those ones too.
  5. I would suggest taking it once, some school might care. In Canada they honestly don't care but in the US they do care.
  6. I used both the DATCrusher notes and the Kaplan book to review bio and chem. Practice wise, I thought Kaplan sucked since the questions were recycled from their MCAT books. DATCrusher was definitely more representative than anything else I used.
  7. You're honestly going to get interviews everywhere unless you get terrible DAT scores (which does happen lol). So the best thing you can probably do is start preparing for interviews.
  8. You got a solid chance everywhere as long as you keep up your GPA. You're also going to have to take the soap carving section if you want to apply to McGill. Make sure you practice since a bunch of people scored below the minimum 5 last year and were complaining.
  9. Ya those are more than enough. I took the DAT twice and scored 21AA/19PAT using only DATBootcamp the first time. I took it again and scored 26AA/24PAT the second time using DATCrusher, Chad's videos and the purple Kaplan book so you should be fine. Here are a few tips I would recommend: 1. Spend more time learning the concepts than practicing questions. 2. Study early and spend your time wisely (Don't study topics not covered on the cDAT like microscopes, biomolecules, genetic technologies etc.) 3. Practice on paper for the PAT, I can't emphasize this enough!! You'll be at a disadvantage if you practice the PAT on the computer. 4. The CDA manual is outdated so don't rely on it, the real exam is much tougher. 5. Don't overlook Taxonomy, most of my friends did this and got bad scores. 6. Don't leave the PAT or RC until the very end. Good luck!
  10. While that's true it's almost unrealistic with a 2.97 GPA unless you have a money tree. And even Australian schools have high standards, a 2.97 GPA won't get you into any program there. Dr.Sauce The best route is doing a bachelor's while taking a full course-load and absolutely killing it. There are no shortcuts, in fact it might be pointless doing a Masters since your GPA is extremely low. You still have a good chance in Canada since schools like Western look at your best 2 years. Hopefully this is some sort of encouragement.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2051233078523372/
  12. I heard the same thing. But to be safe, you can always just call the admissions office.
  13. Most people study for about 2-3 months only because the DAT is offered in the middle of the semester so you don't get much time preparing while balancing classes. So preparing now is a good idea since it'll give you a solid 3 months of studying before classes start in the fall. I would start by taking a look at the CDA manual which you can purchase from the CDA website or you can get a free PDF version from the Canadian DAT facebook group. In terms of study materials, I personally used DATCrusher, Chad's videos, and the purple kaplan book. I would highly recommend those and that's all you need imo. Just make sure you don't leave the PAT til the very end, it's something you have really practice for.
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