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    dental loupes

    Wow that's actually relieving to hear. The thing is I have very high prescription (like -9.00 in each eyes with astigmatism) and tbh I'm kind of scared getting loupes. Is it true wearing loupes makes your prescription worse?
  2. Starburst

    Studying for the DAT Summer

    If you’re using just DATCrusher, you should be fine. I would only take the Kaplan course if you can’t self study and can afford to spend $1000+. Either way focus on Crusher, you'll see the same types of questions but different numbers.
  3. Starburst

    Being queer in healthcare

    I've seen this happen at a clinic I was shadowing. It sucks, but it does happen sadly.
  4. Starburst


    No, only your Biology, Chemistry and Reading scores goes into your AA.
  5. Starburst

    dental loupes

    Great advice, i'll hold off on it then. Were there people in your class that didn't use loupes at all?
  6. Starburst

    dental loupes

    Are there advantageous of certain companies over others? I'm in the process of purchasing a pair before I start and honestly didn't give this much thought until now. And what magnification would you recommend?
  7. Starburst

    Dent MMI Prep

    If you want to start ahead, there's a book called Doing Right for medical ethics that helped me a lot. You can also watch youtube videos to see how a good interview session looks like and what not to do.
  8. Money should not be a factor honestly. If you're willing to practice up north, somewhere remote, or in the US then you'll pay your tuition back fairly quickly compared to classmates who choose to stay in the city (vancouver, toronto, or calgary). Plus, $350k tuition is the least of your worries compared to how much housing costs these days. So I wouldn't stress, or else you won't be able to sleep at night 20 years from now when you're trying to pay off your mortgage.
  9. This. It's normally around the end of March but it does slightly vary year to year.
  10. Starburst

    Caution about DATbootcamp

    They changed their page since @TrueChen first posted this thread. I have to agree with most people, DATBootcamp should have been more transparent even though OP should have looked up the CDA site. Why even use DATBootcamp when there's better Canadian DAT resources like DATCrusher, DATready and IQ publications? DATBootcamp isn't even representative of the Canadian DAT, it's created for the American DAT. Sadly, they still have lots of misleading information on their site. For example "Though the Canadian DAT provides less time, completing this section on paper is easier than completing reading comprehension on the computer (which is why less time is given on the Canadian DAT)." That's simply not true. You don't get 10 minutes less just because the Canadian DAT is paper-based. They also didn’t disclose how the style of questions and passages on the American DAT are different than the Canadian DAT or how different biology topics are covered on the Canadian DAT. It's still a useful resource but they need to be more transparent.
  11. There are tons of schools in the US that let you do both. In Canada, the only one that I know is Alberta which lets you place implants.
  12. Starburst

    Canadian Going to The States

    With those scores, I would strongly recommend retaking the DAT and studying during the summer. As long as your scores are significantly higher the 2nd time, you should be fine.
  13. I'm pretty sure McGill has the lowest tuition fees out of any school in North America. At the end, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what school to choose. Tuition is just one aspect but ultimately this is an investment into your future. Other aspects that you have to also consider is procedures that the school lets you perform (example: place implants and restore them, perio surgery on the floor, etc) or requirements the school has to graduate. Just food for thought
  14. If you're scoring 15/15 on DATCrusher's printed angle ranking questions, you're doing great. Just try to reduce the time to under 40s if you can since 1min per question is way too much. With lots of practice, you can definitely do it. For TFE, I kept going through the Crusher compilation questions after completing all the practice tests and thats how I mastered the TFE section. You can also use DATBootcamp if you have enough money. As for RC, maybe try practicing with IQ publications for the time-being or just try reading daily, over time you should be able to read faster/better.
  15. Billing $4000 per day would be possible depending on the procedures you are performing (crowns, bridges, root canals, implants) . If you are the only dentist in the surrounding area, I can totally see this happen. But like you, I'm still kind of skeptical even though i've heard about people earning $300-500k up north.
  16. I don't think that's true. OP still has a chance of getting into UWO and other provinces. We also don't know his GPA with his worst year dropped. The only school he might not have a chance of getting into is UofT. @adgp2390 I would apply and see how it goes. Also what's your GPA with the worst year dropped? And what's your GPA without the summer classes?
  17. Starburst

    Upcoming Dat

    I would recommend Crusher since it was easily the most representative from either Bootcamp or Destroyer from my experience but I didn't use it by itself. You could probably get away with it but if you're aiming for a very high score (like 99 percentile), then use as many resources as you can.
  18. Starburst

    What to do 2 weeks before DAT

    Bestbuy, shoppers drugmart, or radioshack.
  19. Starburst

    Writing the canadian DAT

    Correction: Sorry most* do. For the ones that don't, it's favoured that you do one. @HopefulDDS You have to ask current students what procedures they let you do. It's not documented. And ya I think most people who study in the US stay here probably because of salary and opportunity.
  20. If you're GPA is that high, your time is better spent studying for the DAT than raising it up a 0.02 points.
  21. Starburst

    Writing the canadian DAT

    Thanks and congrats! I'm staying at Michigan since I did my undergrad here and loved it. There's just so much more opportunities to specialize here than any of the Canadian Schools so I declined my interviews from Canadian schools. To give you an idea more than half the class at Michigan specializes right after dental school which is not possible in Canada since you need to do a year of GPR. I also don't think facilities will matter tbh, it depends on what the school you're looking at offers and how they will make you a better dentist. For example, certain schools might let you do perio surgery on the floor or place implants whereas other schools don't let you. As for your last question, I've actually heard the opposite where American grads are better trained lol. But at the end of the day your patients won't care if you're trained in Canada or America as long as you pass your boards and get your licence.
  22. The only school that really looks at ECs is probably just Western. Focus on getting a high GPA and good DAT scores.
  23. Starburst

    Writing the canadian DAT

    It's one of best top-tier public schools in the US and has one of the lowest tuition fees so it's extremely hard to get in out of the country. To my knowledge i'm the only Canadian who got in so far this cycle. For your second question most US Ivys look at research, extracurriculars, high DAT scores and things that you've done that make you stand out. GPA is important too but they look at your application holistically. GPA is calculated with all years of undergrad.
  24. Starburst

    Writing the canadian DAT

    No you just have to study early during the summers or Christmas break. Everyone has to do, it's not that bad.
  25. Starburst

    What to do 2 weeks before DAT

    Focus on reviewing content and doing a few practice tests to get the time right. Get a good nights rest the night before your DAT since it'll go a long way especially for the PAT and reading sections (these sections will test your endurance and stamina). Bring a snack too if you can that you can eat during the breaks. Don't worry, the DAT isn't a hard exam, you'll be surprised how starightforward it is. Good luck! :)