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  1. Is anything more than 1 year considered a long term activity? Just curious.
  2. I am looking for an opinion or two here. I've had many longterm job opportunities. Little Caesars was among them. I spent almost 4 years working there part-time. Never ate so much garlic bread in my life. I am concerned that Caesars will not add to the quality of my apps to Ontario medical schools... my other 5 job opportunities involved paid research. I like to think that adcoms will recognize the potential value of working at a fast food restaurant. I personally learned a great deal- patience (usually when someone was screaming because "ITS NOT HOT AND READDYYYYYY!"), responsibility, organization, etc etc. But I also realize that "Little Caesars- Home of the Hot-N-Ready!!" doesn't have a super impressive ring to it. What do you think?
  3. Thanks! If you decide to take a food break you have to leave the room im guessing? And then go back to the computer you were originally at & click the next section? Sorry for all the questions... I just want to know exactly what to expect lol
  4. Oh man that really sucks, but yeah, I guess that is sort of the point. The mcat is done on the computer now, is that right? So if you do not finish a section on time it just submits itself? I am guessing you couldn’t use a 10 min break to spend more time on a section of the test, only to start a new section of the test more quickly? Is there a clock right on your computer to keep track of time?
  5. I've got another few questions about the mcat, and I know they might seem very stupid. Can I complete the mcat in whatever order I want to? I.e start with CARS? I keep seeing time slots per section. Say I wanted to spend much longer on CARS than Bio. Can I do this? Or do they handout one section at a time and then take it away once the 90 mins is up?
  6. I have a 3.78 cGPA due to some crappy grades in first year. What kind of CARS score do you think I need to be considered very competitive for McMaster? If I am in my first year of my masters will I get the 1% bonus, or do I have to be finished?
  7. Good to know, thanks. Not a grad student. If an undergrad were to publish an essay or two, which journal would you recommend?
  8. I will be apply to Ontario medical schools in September with 0 publications (as of right now, anyway). How important are publications to a student's application? I have several research-based papers that I could publish. They were done as part of my courses though.. so maybe they wouldn't even be considered. Anyone know of any websites that are relatively easy to use for publishing / won't take long to do so? Thanks
  9. I know this is a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway, because I am confused by what I have read online. The new MCAT has 53 CARS questions. Say I wanted to score 129+. Roughly how many questions would I need to answer correctly? Can someone clearly explain to me how each section is evaluated? Thank-you
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