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  1. Check the U of A wait list thread, I posted some info I’ve heard from the admissions office as well as from friends in the program!
  2. Was rejected by western but honestly I knew it was a long shot and I’ve mainly been awaiting this day because it means there will finally be some waitlist movement for Dal and U of A. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Congrats! Do you know where you’ll be attending?
  4. Less than an hour left, we got this!!
  5. Only thing I’d be weary of is how long your vacation is, if it’s like a 2-3 week long Europe trip you don’t want to miss out any deadlines to accept! If it’s just for the long weekend then that’s probably not an issue :p
  6. I couldn’t imagine not looking right away. The suspense would be unbearable and ruin the vacay for me knowing that I could know. If the results are good then celebrate! If they’re not so good then at least least you have your vacation to look forward to
  7. Thank you!! Did they call or e-mail you?
  8. Omg congrats!! Would you mind sharing or privately messaging me your stats?
  9. Ontario schools (U of T, Queens, Western) don’t release this information until May 17
  10. Ontario schools (U of T, Queens, Western) don’t release this information until May 17
  11. OThopefully

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    I think everyone’s applications are reviewed holistically and then ranked accordingly. I’m sure GPA is a significant portion of it but I applied with a sub-gpa of ~3.6 and people with higher GPAs were ranked in the lower half of the waitlist or not waitlisted at all. Who knows how admissions committees and their mysterious ways work though.
  12. OThopefully

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    I don’t sorry, but I’m sure if you call and ask them they will give you some sort of guidance!
  13. OThopefully

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    My friend currently in the program just told me she was waitlisted in the top quarter and received her acceptance mid June and that she’s pretty sure everyone in the second quarter of the waitlist got in for her year (she’s second year) but they found out in July.
  14. Definitely call, I don’t like being pushy but all my friends in the program told me they’ll give you more info if you ask nicely and so I said I knew I was in the upper half from the email but if it was possible to know if I was in the top or second quarter and they told me.