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  1. Received my acceptance to U of A OT today. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. Their admin person is on leave so their associate dean called me. He said there probably won’t be any acceptances after mine, maybe another one or two.
  3. I knew someone who applied within that GPA range and was rejected right off the bat. U of A is fairly transparent that they rank applicants first off their GPA and strongly emphasize a minimum GPA of 3.4 if you’re applying. I would recommend contacting admissions and setting up an appointment to discuss your situation. Also online courses through Athabasca to boost your gpa might be of interest to you. All the best.
  4. Most people in the program told me second quarter starters find out in July but the phone call this morning made me more nervous if anything since I can’t really think why there would be another wave of applicants declining. I hope so too!
  5. I realize now that she didn’t tell me much more info because when they had gone down 15 spots she told me there were still 20-25 people ahead of me meaning I already knew I was in top quarter (probably started off somewhere around 35-40). So I guess a more conservative assumption would be it’s moved 20 people since she said it had moved “a bit” since my last call when it had been 15 people. Sorry I didn’t push for more info, if anyone else contacts them through email or phone for how many spots they’ve gone down exactly please post here!
  6. All she told me was that there has been a bit of movement since I last called and that I’m now in the top quarter ( I had started in the second quarter of the waitlist) so I’m assuming that means they’ve moved somewhere between 20-25 spots down the wait list. I asked her if they were expecting another wave of movement and she told me that it’s super different every year and they can’t predict how much movement or even when it occurs and that last year they accepted just over half but the year before not so much :/ but to keep in mind that they accept students until the end of August.
  7. Admissions head isn’t in office today so I’ll probably call tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys updated. I believe June 6 was also the deadline for people who’ve received offers so far to put their admissions deposit down so hopefully more movement due to that as well.
  8. When did you hear this? I was going to call again today but if you called recently I might wait a few more days. Unless you heard it via my last post then nvm lol
  9. I was wondering that as well but didn’t think it ask it during the phone call (I’m usually pretty nervous about asking for more info for fear that I’ll come off as pushy). Ya I was going to try and hold out until the orpas deadline passed but then saw an above poster got in and got too antsy to wait haha The previous poster who got in off of the waitlist did tell me they had until June 6 to put down their deposit and that’s when other first round applicants have until as well I believe so I think that’s also when more movement will occur. I can PM you that info!
  10. Hey everyone, I just called the U of A admissions office again this morning and they told me they’ve moved down about 15 spots so far and she didn’t say the class is full yet so fingers crossed we keep seeing movement. She also told me approximately how many people were still ahead of me so I would call for any of those who are nervous about their position on the wait list! I also think it’s a good sign they’re contacting people so early, seems like the department is ahead of the game in general this year with admissions offers coming out mid April as opposed to start of May!
  11. Oh my gosh congrats!! Did they tell you anything about movement or your spot? Also can you share or pm your stats? Thanks in advance!
  12. For those of you accepted to OT programs in Ontario, when is the ORPAS deadline to accept? I want to call U of A OT to enquire about waitlist movement but not until after this deadline. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey there is a waitlist movement thread where some people discussed queens PT wait list movement from previous years. I believe it went down 20 spots last year and 28 before that so if you’re higher than that on the waitlist you have a pretty good shot at getting in! It’ll probably be a little while yet though as the dust settles from all the schools coming out and I know it’s brutal having to wait but trust the process and don’t lose hope!
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