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  1. One wave of invites and one wave of rejections. I'm expecting the rejections today or Wednesaday, and then the invites the day after. Could be vice versa though
  2. I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but if you scored below the 125 cutoff on any of the MCAT sections, I would be 99% expecting a rejection. I don’t know why they wouldn’t have rejected you already though. It seems really weird to make you wait and give a sense of false hope, provided they do reject all files that don’t meet the 125 cut off
  3. Also, the March 24th/25th interview weekend is now 2 weeks away. Therefore, given U of T's stance on providing at least 2 weeks notice for interviewees, one can expect any remaining interview spots for that date to be filled either today or tomorrow. Furthermore, with the last interview day being one month away from today, I wouldn't be surprised to see the first wave of invites go out for April 8th.
  4. Anyone else feeling like invites will be going out today?
  5. It is my understanding that U of T completes the detailed file review of applications in batches, and that corresponding interview invites or rejections are sent as file reviews are completed. This being the case, if we have yet to hear back from U of T about our application, can it be assumed that the admissions committee has yet to review our file, or that our file is currently being reviewed? Is there a chance that my file has already been reviewed, yet we haven't heard back about?
  6. It's possible a wave of rejections could be sent out this week, assuming only invites went out yesterday. Also, it's hard to tell considering only invites for March 24th were posted in the invite/regrets thread yesterday. Perhaps they haven't filled any of the March 25th spots yet? Maybe we'll get more invites this week for that date. Could be next week though.
  7. I guess a wave today is unlikely now... Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  8. I unfortunately did not ask about when the next wave will be. However, if I did, I don't think they would have told me I would assume one is coming anytime between today and Thursday based on stats from invite/regrets threads of previous years. Judging by the 2018 invite/regret thread, no waves have gone out in two weeks. Unless there was one last week and no one posted about it.
  9. I spoke with admissions today. Although some of the ad com's answers were a little ambiguous, this is what I was able to get from my conversation: 1. Apparently even if you didn't met cutoffs for moving on to detailed file review, you may have not heard back yet. It's all about when they get to your file. 2. I wasn't able to be told approximately how many invites are still to go out, but I was told that there is still a "considerable amount". So probably still around 40-50% assuming March 24/25 interview invites haven't started going out yet, or have only started going out. 3. Apparently after initial file screening, there is a preliminary file review before they delve deeper into the detailed file review. This preliminary assessment allows the admissions committee to assess the overall competitiveness of applicant pool as a whole (i.e. which applicants will likely be of high competitiveness and which will be of lower competitiveness in reference to the rest of the pool). Then they will do a detailed file review to assess exact competitiveness of the applicants. The preliminary screening allows U of T to be able to send out invites and regrets after detailed file review on a rolling basis (as they review batches) since they know the approximate competitiveness of their applicant pool, and that there are a considerable amount of interview spots to be filled (~600).
  10. This wait is killing me too... I feel so neurotic checking this forum and my email every 5 minutes. I would agree that Wednesday or Thursday will be the next wave. Hopefully it's sooner though. Does anyone know if they have started filling sports for the March 24/25 dates yet?
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