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  1. RE: Waitlist Movement... I was accepted into the UBC OT program yesterday, and I was initially #2 on the waitlist. Best of luck to everyone waiting!
  2. @itsgoingtibiaokay @GraceOT Congrats to both of you! I'd imagine it's quite difficult to get into Dalhousie as there are limited spots for folks who don't live on the Atlantic coast. Any chance that either of you were accepted and declining a position for the UBC OT program? I'm from BC too and I'm #1 on the UBC waitlist. So stressful!
  3. @DenisOTHopefull Thank you so much for the update! Congratulations on your acceptance! Fingers crossed that I hear back from UBC soon too.
  4. @DenisOTHopefull THANK YOU. It's good to connect with you! My friend who's currently in the program said that a handful of waitlisted folks got in last year, so I'm hoping for the best. Now it's just a matter of waiting...
  5. Congrats to those who have been accepted. I'm #2 on the waitlist. It looks like UofT doesn't announce acceptance until mid May, so my guess is that the UBC waitlist will probably stay pretty stuck until that point.
  6. I've been following this thread as I've applied too and haven't heard anything yet. Only a week and a half before interviews is really short notice. Does it normally take this long to hear back?
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