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  1. Hi everyone, I've been lurking this forum for years and find you all to be so helpful so I figured I'd post this here (hope it's in the right spot). I'm an incoming Med-1 at McGill (YAY) and wanted other people's input on commuting vs living close to campus. My commute is ~2.5 hours/day roundtrip and I've been doing it for 5 years now (been at McGill for awhile haha). I'm getting really fed up with wasting so much time commuting and I'd really love to move close to campus this fall. However, I would be paying for rent/groceries/bills/tuition/everything completely on my own. I currently contribute a lot around the house (cook for the family, do my own laundry, clean, etc) so living alone really wouldn't be a huge adjustment for me - I'm just terrified of the debt I'm going to incur if I do so. I've managed to pay off my debt from undergrad but if I do move this fall my expenses will be: Tuition: $23,000 over 4 years Living expenses: ~$1200 month for rent/utilities/phone/food/transportation/all other unexpected expenses x 4 years = ~$60,00 I've maxed out my Quebec government aid so in total I'll likely be hovering around 100k in debt by graduation. I know this isn't unreasonable for a lot of med students, especially those attending school in Toronto or Vancouver, but I just don't know if it makes sense to go into this much debt as a Quebec resident who can theoretically stay at home and who would have absolutely zero parental contribution in paying for all these expenses. I just don't think I can continue wasting ~15 hours commuting per week and I think moving closer to school would really help my social life as well. I would really appreciate any input from people who have moved out for med school, especially those who were in similar financial circumstances. Was it worth it, do you wish you had stayed home to save money, etc. P.S. sorry for being that annoying Quebec resident who complains about education expenses, I've just grown up surrounded by very real financial insecurity and my biggest fear is for me (and my future family) to end up in the same situation :'(
  2. Since you know people involved in the selection process, do you happen to know if GPA is assessed as part of detailed file review? I keep hearing conflicting information, some say academics account for 60% and others say UofT creates a competitive cutoff each year and once you've met that, only ABS/LORs/essays determine whether or not you receive an invite. I don't know if anyone actually knows the answer to this but I'm right under a 3.9 and it's been worrying me since September lol
  3. I'm also still waiting for a response. However, this was posted yesterday on their Facebook page - might help calm some nerves: "To those who are still awaiting a response, we will continue to send out interview invitations to applicants over the next few weeks. #UofTMed"
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