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  1. I think that there are a number of things to consider.... 1) Are you absolutely sure about OT? (it sounds like you are) 2) Whats your timeline? How many times are you open to reapplying to Canada (strengthening your app in the process to hopefully increase those chances)? Or is it a better choice for you to save up before going away? 3) Where you want to work eventually.. and the years and effort it would take to re-certify if you came back to Canada/ When you can be working as a certified OT. 4) Your current financial situation and where the debt of going international would put you? Where you would get loans? But also how/when you may be paying back the student debt with the salary of a working OT? 5) How big the pros and cons are of being away from your home in Canada- Social/Psychological. I was in a similar position- strongly considering going internationally before getting an offer in Canada on my second try. Money is a huge factor in decision making but for me, it was also time away from my social circle and trying to set up my life during those (at least) two years, and also my concerns about certifying in Canada when I potentially came back. For me, it was much more important to be close to my family and friends... so I tried multiple years and improved my app. Sending empathy and the best of luck!
  2. I received my offer on Friday as well. This was my second time applying with a rejection last year at the application stage. Good luck to those who were waitlisted or rejected this year. For me, a year where I reflected on how I framed my letter of intent, had a little extra time to boost my GPA, and prepare through relevant experience seemed to help me. Although, I was disappointed last year, for me specifically, I feel like this time forced me to reflect further about why I wanted to be in this program and how to get there. Wishing you all the best!
  3. Its not an MMI, It's a panel interview. I have also been told to prepare like OTPsycApp has described, by someone else.
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