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  1. wow...wait....how d'you all know i was in grade 9?????
  2. can't comment on this much myself...im in grade 9...but if you're getting 80s in grade 12, how do you know you won't be getting 80s in uni? If you're simply slacking or not trying hard, you should get into the habit of doing your best early...you may surprised how hard it is to break the habit of thinking that this grade doesn't matter anyway
  3. harvard....the debt wont be such a big deal once she's a doctor....
  4. We've all done this before. Start a new school year and you think: ok, this year im not gonna slack off, or procrastinate, im gonna get the grades I want. Does this ever actually ever work for you? If so, HOW????????????
  5. Wow this is such a friendly and helpful site....thanks
  6. Thanks so much for both of your replies...
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on this site. I'm just about to go into grade 9 (14 yrs. o. ). I was just wondering what kind of high school averages (% please) most of you received. Any other words of wisdom and advice are also appreciated. I'm trying to find out what kind of standards I have to set for myself to get into med school. Thanks in advance!
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