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  1. Congrats!! I would also love to know what you did in the past year to strengthen your overall application. If you received interviews both years, what did you think you did better this time around? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think that means 14 people did not take the offer. 66 probably included the waitlist individuals, not sure how many though. edit: oh i get what you're saying now, but I think there's 56 spots available annually (48 domestic and 8 international), so the number is still uncertain i think.
  3. :'(((((((( Anyone else received a no from UBC today? So frustrating that they can't provide feedback because I have no idea what went wrong :/ Congrats to those who received yeses though!
  4. Just got a refusal letter from McGill OT Congrats to those who got offers though!!! Do you guys mind sharing your GPA and experiences?
  5. I think for UBC about 160 people receive interview invites, and the maximum students they take each year is about 48 domestic and 8 international.
  6. Got mine at 12:13. In the PDF they sent out it says that the interviewers will read the statement of intent prior to calling our names. Does anyone know if the admission decision is made mostly on the interview or an even combination of both interview and applications? Do they still take grades into consideration at this point? Thanks in advance!
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