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  1. OTPsycApp

    UBC OT 2019

    They don't explicitly say you can take a moment to consider your answer or anything along those lines. So it gives the impression you should answer right away. However, they do say they can repeat the question at any point.
  2. OTPsycApp

    UBC OT 2019

    From emailing questions to the department, I think GPA is the main factor in interview offers, and then admissions offers are based on your entire application as a whole.
  3. OTPsycApp

    UBC OT 2019

    Hey everyone. I interviewed last year and honestly it was a really strange interview for me, nothing like any other interview I've ever done. It's not really like a typical interview style that you'd intuitively prep for. My advice would be to prep all the normal interview questions that come up ('OT interview questions for grad school' search on google) plus know a lot of ongoing issues, hot topics, conflicts, and current events and struggles in the field of OT and some creative/guided solutions for said problems.
  4. Nope unfortunately not I think this was the last week we could have.
  5. No I haven't checked in since then. Trying not to bug the department too much ahaha. Have you heard anything?
  6. Thanks! I interpret that as basically a 9-4 day with a 1 hour break mid day.
  7. Yep! I'm still hopeful because I'm closer now and there's still some movement happening
  8. Hi there, does anyone happen to know what the schedule/time demand for UBC's MOT program is during the semester but also on placements? I'm wondering how classes are throughout the week, and how many hours you actually have to be on campus. This is because I live further away so commuting would take around 1.5 hours, but I'm also wondering if it's possible to maintain a part-time job during the program. Thanks!!
  9. So far it has moved 6 positions
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that the waitlist for UBC OT is still moving slowly (moved 1 position this past June) and they accept until the first week of September
  11. I checked with the department a few days ago, it only moved 2 so far. You're probably #3 now!
  12. Just wondering, is anyone currently accepted to UBC planning to decline UBC's offer in favor of a different program? Just trying to estimate if I should expect the wait-list for UBC to move any further. Thanks!
  13. OTPsycApp

    U of A OT admissions date

    I got the acceptance email this morning as well. I'm a BC resident, but went to university in the states. Good luck everyone!
  14. Thanks for updating! The department said anywhere from 2-15 people on the wait list get accepted (it varies a lot every year) so fingers crossed!
  15. Congrats to those who got accepted! Just wondering, on your acceptance email, does it give you a deadline to make a decision (accept/reject offer) by? I'm wait-listed and just wondering when to expect some movement on the wait list. Thanks!