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  1. Congrats that’s exciting! I would accept it if I were you. Some universities require you to pay a deposit fee but you can still change your mind later. If you accept the UK offer you’ll be in a program 100% and if there is movement McMasters will contact you and then you likely can decline UK but may not get deposit back. I would check I’m with Oxford on their policies. It’s hard to say if the waitlist will reach #27 as that is a top school but anything could happen!
  2. Waitlisted for OT at UBC and Western (top third/58). Hoping for movement in the next month! I was also surprised with how many applicants were waitlisted for Western.. 175! For those of us on the waitlist let’s stay positive!
  3. No, neither of them have interviews. There is an academic requirement section on the websites that will give you more of an idea of what they look for and base their acceptances on. Western did add the Casper test this year though, which is supposed to look at some areas that would be scored in an interview. Both of those Universities will offer acceptances based on a combination of education, references, personal essays etc. and sounds like we will hear back late May-June.
  4. I also received this email. My take on receiving the second email is that the "300" interview spots have been accepted and filled so individuals on the waitlist will only be contacted if someone pulls out last minute. If there are no changes this is the email giving us the heads up that we may not be contacted again. At least that is what the message seemed to be like for me. Hopefully, there are some last minute spots that need to be filled, but I think we should all stay positive for just making the waitlist, McMasters is super competitive!
  5. Thanks for creating this. Apparently we do not get notified of movement on the waitlist so this is a great spot to have “somewhat” of an idea of what movement is happening. Likely no changes until June when other schools acceptances come out.
  6. Hi, also waitlisted. I received waitlist spot on Monday the 18th at 11:30am western time.
  7. Hi everyone, I am also new to this thread. I received my interview offer at 11:30am today. My GPA is 84% and I am a BC Resident. I am 27 years old, so I have a vast amount of volunteer and work experience dating back 10 years and experience working with all ages groups and types of people (infants, preschool age, school age, teenagers, adults, older adults). Have worked in a recreation center for 5 years and a seniors home for 6. Vast knowledge of Alzheimer's and dementia, ASD, learning and intellectual disabilities, behavioral support etc. I have shadowed 5 occupational therapists in 5 different areas, volunteered with 5 different organizations. I would say my work and volunteer experiences are my strongest attributes but we shall see! Was happy with my statement of intent and my references. Good luck to everyone in the interview and those of you who did not get one don't give up!