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  1. Purple would be so cool! They had purple a few years ago and it looked good but dont know if they would recycle the color that fast. It could be yellow ahaha! Orange would be cool too.
  2. What color backpack do you all think it'll be this year
  3. With the COVID-19 circumstances, UBC and many other post-secondary schools across Canada are implementing a Credit/d/fail option for courses. What are your thoughts on choosing this option instead of grading the courses? Do you think UBC medicine will look negatively upon this option, or do you think it is understandable given the circumstances with this pandemic?
  4. I have heard there is some sort of voting system by the students for the backpack colour. Is that just a rumour?
  5. Assuming they are sending them out at the same times as last year
  6. Do you guys think that for the AQ calculation they also take into account your course load? What if a person taking 4 and 4 courses gets a 90 average and a person with 5 and 5 courses gets an 85 average? Wouldn't this be taken into account into the AQ calculations, as well?
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