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  1. I am 26 and starting at Dal this September. I really don't think age matters at all, there are pros and cons to being older. Once you are practicing, your patients will not care how old you were when you got accepted to med school.
  2. Accepted IP (off the waitlist) GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 509 ECs: diverse, but almost no research experience. Interview: felt really good about the interview. I had loads of fun and just tried to be myself and answer the questions as well as I could. I have an undergrad in chemistry and my grades weren’t too great, gpa of 3.5 but didn’t meet the course load requirements because I took 5 years to complete my degree and took summer courses. It wasn’t until my last year in chemistry that I realized I definitely wanted to be a doctor. So, I started a second degree (did not want a masters) and I worked as hard as I could! I took my mcat and thankfully my score was good, I don’t think I could’ve written that test a second time. This is my first time applying to dal but I had an interview at mun last year and then no interview this year. This whole process can be so discouraging and difficult but whoever is questioning or doubting their chances, just work hard and stay determines and this will happen!
  3. Got accepted this morning at 9:14 am. Score of 69.53. So happy
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