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  1. I think it's very reasonable and realistic to be thinking about how moving such a long distance away to a new environment is going to affect you and your efforts in med school. For quite a few people, moving to Kingston can be their first big move and can be a huge change in terms of friends, family, and culture. It can be a big shock and need adjustment. I think it's very mature for them to think ahead to how they'll adapt to it instead of blindly going forward with it just because it might be their only chance. Good for them. MMI: I enjoyed the acting ones, felt pretty realistic and a good test of people skills. One or two that were just.. so much to parse in terms of the question being asked. First one was rough but warmed up after that. Panel: Had very nice panel interviewers this time who asked me some very insightful questions about my experiences and background. Enjoyed this conversation a lot. Volunteers: just the sweetest like last year. A wholesome bunch.
  2. Result: Invite Time Stamp: Thu, Jan 31, 9:39 AM Interview Date: Undecided wGPA/cGPA: 3.92 or 3.93, unsure/abysmal (thank you Queens so much for your 2-year gpa) Year: Finished undergrad, now working MCAT: 129/131/130/130 -> 520 ECs: Volunteering in medical first response team for 4 years (>1000 hours maybe), ad-hoc mental health support for a friend, short-term stints in senior care & hospitals. Long-term music hobby (pretty low-key, but over a decade). Been doing some sports for a while, also fairly low-key (intramural team with some great friends for ~ 3 years, some solo sports for ~5-6 years). A moderate amount of research for since 2015, no publications at time of application submission. Some short-term service work. Geography: Ontario Last year, I received an invite with a 3.79 wGPA and 514 MCAT (~127/128/128/131). I hope that my previous GPA encourages people with a similar situation.
  3. Time Stamp: Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.92 or 3.93, not sure MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 129/131/130/130 -> 520 ABS Score (If available): N/A I talked about volunteering with my emergency response team, intramural sports, hospital volunteering, some community religious practice stuff, some research, some long-term music extracurriculars, mental health advocacy, and some of my personal issues overcoming immigration, a low SES environment, and difficult family circumstances. Most of these were pretty low-key and did not lead to awards or recognition (if they even care about that), but many were long-term. I tried to really think about what I took away from each experience. I'm feeling a little blue about the fact that I spent an extra summer and way too much money to rewrite my MCAT twice just to overcome that CARS cutoff, which ended up being lowered to my first test result anyway! Money that could have went towards OMSAS application fees instead of currently racking up my credit card payments... I personally think it's best that they look for applicants who have had experiences that they've hopefully taken something away from, but I understand that it is frustrating to have a big change happen so quickly and affect people's chances- doubtless just as qualified..
  4. Hi Arisarz, Have you tried applying to available job listings? If you look at the careers section for the Toronto hospital websites you should hopefully find a couple that pertain to your skills. Just be sure to tailor your resume and cover letter to each position and be prepared to apply liberally and wait a couple months, as it's pretty competitive. I had been doing that for my gap year as well and got a few bites at SickKids and the like (Edit: I don't have a MSc either but applied anyway). Best of luck!
  5. lol do me too GPA: 3.59 CARS: 131 CASPER: No idea, probs average IP
  6. You could try reaching out to profs of classes you took, preferably ones that you did very well in. For hospitals, some of them preferentially select candidates from people already volunteering at their hospital. You could also look into whether your school as a work-study program and if there is an RA position available. If you're not hearing back from your applications, might want to visit your school's career counsellor and have them look over your resume. Try to tailor your resume for each job's description. Good luck and probably just takes some persistence.
  7. This is the sticky note I see (same location as the one described by ysera) when viewed on Google Drive, with personal information removed. I may be mistaken, but looks like the date is for the note itself. I downloaded a blank PDF copy from OMSAS just now, which has the same sticky note. I submitted mine Oct 15th.
  8. I opened mine and found the same thing. However, it's dated June 27th 2018, so it's likely from the development of the document. I was excited for a moment there lol
  9. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/med_dent_admissions/medicine/interviews.html The aABS will be considered for both interview selection and post-interview, which is a change from the previous update where it was just for interview selection. Wouldn't this suggest that GPA and MCAT could be soft cutoffs with the addition of aABS? Previously they alone have been sufficient to determine who gets selected for interviews. Curious to see what other people think.
  10. conbrio

    Trouble with uploading

    They said to email it to omsas@ouac.on.ca if the file size was too big. I would also try compressing the PDF file to a smaller size with something like ilovepdf. Just make sure your entries are still in place afterwards.
  11. Yeah I submitted mine after the deadline last year and it was fine with all the schools.
  12. conbrio

    Queens Interview-March 25

    Yeah, I have a friend who got an interview again this year if that helps.
  13. conbrio

    Queens Interview-March 25

    I felt that my MMI circuit was pretty reasonable. On the other hand, I was grilled during the panel where it felt like an interrogation like the one in the Interview Weekend video.