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  1. Alberta drops a year for OOP students as well, not just IP. Queen's sets a GPA cut-off (best of cumulative or recent 2-year) first, then a MCAT cut-off for the remaining applicants. This is for interview selection. Whether the MCAT compensates for a low GPA for final selection is only known to admissions.
  2. Might receive more feedback if you shared your MCAT, extracurriculars, or personal circumstances that would apply to any special programs (Ottawa's Social Accountability Initiative, Western's ACCESS pathway, being indigenous or black). Sorry if you've already shared and I'm not seeing it
  3. Hey! I'm really sorry you had to go through cancer. Can't imagine how tough that must have been. Glad you're feeling better! Just wanted to pipe in that I actually have a similar background: difficult initial years due to personal circumstances, a low cGPA (3.59), a high MCAT (520), research experience, and volunteer experience (I also did first aid and hospital stuff in addition to others). I did 6 years of undergrad, the extra year to improve my GPA. However I received interviews at Western and Queen's last year, so you definitely have a chance for these schools. I was hoping my 131 CARS would offset my low cGPA for McMaster, but I didn't receive an interview there- so definitely prepare for CASPER. And I apply to Alberta for the first time this year, so I'll let you know how that turns out. Haven't applied to BC. Just make sure that you qualify for weighted GPAs for the schools that offer them.
  4. Both overall and for each section. From their website: There do seem to be people on this forum in the past who've received invites with similar MCAT scores.
  5. Hi! I'm in the same boat. Definitely down to practice!
  6. Great! How would you like to keep in touch? Like email/discord/FB
  7. For sure, that's a possibility! Until Western ever releases a detailed breakdown, such as accepted vs matriculants, it'll always be guesswork. Still, at the interview stage, going by the numbers alone, I personally would be very optimistic as @ABCD13
  8. Well, MCAT cutoffs are used to determine the number of applicants to interview. However, what I've seen in the admission statistics is that there are a lot more non-SWOMEN applicants interviewed vs SWOMEN applicants. Yet, a higher percentage of SWOMEN applicants are accepted among those interviewed, compared to non-SWOMEN. As you're more likely to be accepted after the interview as a SWOMEN, I'm not convinced that an advantage doesn't exist.
  9. I wouldn't worry. If you look at admission statistics, the percentage of SWOMEN applicants being accepted from the number interviewed is disproportionately high compared to those from non-SWOMEN. Since this is after interview, it probably means that there is a SWOMEN advantage that persists until the final decision (not just MCAT cutoffs). This was true as of 2017-2018. I would still count on having SWOMEN status as a sizable advantage.
  10. OK! I can see my GPA on the portal now. For reference I submitted on Sept 23rd. Surprised to see it pretty early as I had some irregularities in my transcript. It's also a lot higher than I thought it'd be.
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping to get started on some practice for MMI and panel interviews. I currently don't have people around me who are also applying, so I need a little motivation/peer pressure. I've applied to Ottawa, Western, Queen's, McMaster, and Alberta. I've interviewed at Western & Queen's previously. Practice will largely have to be videoconferencing 12-1 pm or evenings or weekens, as I work full-time. Let me know if you're interested and maybe we can set something up.
  12. It's not much, I'll give you that. Honestly, just seems like: "Here are our token 2 poor people! See, we're doing our part!" After using criteria that have been shown to weed out socioeconomically disadvantaged people (e.g. high GPA and MMI), setting an arbitrary income cut-off, which is only one narrow aspect of socioeconomic status, for 2 seats seems subpar. Still, it's the only reason I applied to Ottawa this year.
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