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  1. Had a feeling they were going to do this when they said they'd split the MMI and panel, logistically it would be hard to get the panel interviewers and applicants together at a new time on short notice. At least we'll have a better idea of where we are at in terms of chances before May?
  2. Or each university has preferences for ECs, depending on their mandate and the community they serve? The ECs that NOSM is looking for, such as community volunteering in Indigenous/rural communities, would be different from the ECs that a research-heavy institution like UofT is looking for. In order to serve the specific needs of their community as well as the institution's goals, of course one applicant's ECs may be considered differently depending on the institution with good reason. GPA or MCAT or CASPER aren't exactly objective measures either though. GPA is dependent on program, university, personal circumstances (sickness, low socioeconomic status, conflicts with other commitments such as part-time jobs). The MCAT is standardized for the average person, which means that people who fall outside of that average, such as people who are dyslexic or where English is their second language, are disadvantaged. CASPER, I won't get into because there literally is no transparency- they don't tell you what your score is or how it's evaluated. It's administered by a company that makes a profit from these tests, so there's a conflict of interest that may affect the test's objectiveness. While I agree more transparency may be beneficial, eliminating or minimizing ECs seems to me that it's missing the forest for the trees.
  3. Probably depends on how they use the photo. Is it an admissions administrator using it to identify you? Is it an admissions committee member looking at your photo while determining whether to accept you or not ie considering you as a future colleague? Is your photo going to be used for administrative purposes if you are accepted- eg your name and submitted photo on a website somewhere. Without knowing the answers to these questions, maybe a more professional looking photo of you in at least business casual might be the safer bet.
  4. Hi all! Hoping to set up some online MMI/panel practice for Queen's, if you're interested and plan on interviewing on March 28/29. Let me know!
  5. All they said about the comparison: "The Admissions committee is dedicated to a fair and equitable evaluation of our candidates and those scheduled for the second interview weekend should not have any concerns with regards to the equity of their evaluation. More details to follow.
  6. Queen's has also announced they're doing online interviews for their MMI and panel!
  7. Just in case, make sure your PJs tastefully pair with the colour of your tie
  8. they actually mark each question?? how do they keep up lol.. I thought they would just take some notes and then complete an overall score sheet afterwards I got cut off on the last question so I feel you- I'm sure it won't make or break it
  9. I wouldn't stress man, very few people will do well on every single question.
  10. So how did everyone find it? I thought my panel was nice and friendly though they were trying to be neutral! Med student perpetually looked skeptical lol. I had to ask them to repeat a few questions because they were way too long, by the time they finished stating the question I had lost track of the first bit. Chocolate was a nice touch but I forgot to take some for the road
  11. While you have great ECs, you're largely getting screened out based on your numbers alone. I'd focus on making sure that you have a solid year or two with a high GPA under your belt, which should help you with wGPA schools like Western or Queen's. Be also sure to carefully check your MCAT overall score/section scores against the average scores of admitted classes. Don't be afraid to reduce your other commitments to focus on your academics- unfortunately GPA comes first here.
  12. (for people interested in online practice) If people are comfortable, could you please PM me your FB, so I can add you and maybe we could get a group chat going?
  13. Hey all, anyone in London who has a Queen's interview coming up? If so, would you be interested in some in-person practice? Thanks.
  14. Status: Invite Time Stamp: 12:17 Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 129/131/130/130 cGPA/2yr GPA: use 4.0 OMSAS Scale - 3.92 Current year: Finished undergrad ECs: Sports, music, research, volunteering, work. Some long-term. Another try for Queen's- hope this is the year! I got nervous when they delayed interview decisions.. Anyone want to practice together?
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