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  1. Does anyone know if it each question will be viewed by a different person or does one person view the entire session?
  2. I think they are all 1min to 1.5min right? Have you had other time frames? I think its stressful knowing that there is a time frame, and sometimes you just need that extra few seconds to just finish your sentence haha
  3. Tell us about your greatest strength. How have you developed this strength and how has it helped you succeed? What factors contributed to your decision to apply for a seat in this program? tell us about your top three. Please tell me about an experience where you lead a team that consisted of a group of very different individuals. What did you do to lead the team to accomplish the objective, and what was the outcome? Outside of school and work, to what activity do you dedicate most of your time? Why is this important to you?
  4. Hi everyone! Congrats on getting a spot for the interview! Just wanted to create a fourm to share sample questions with each other and practice If you've done the Kira interview already, could you also share how was the experience, did you feel ready enough from the practice questions, etc? I'm also curious, are they actual job-like interview interview questions or are they MMI/scenario-based questions? Thanks and good luck!
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