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  1. I agree, Im currently studying for the MCAT, and I feel I get a deeper understanding of all the topics and how they intertwine when doing all subjects concurrently rather than one all at once. It makes you think of the big picture, on how all the psychological, sociological and scientific concepts relate to the human form.
  2. Hello! I would recommend after utilizing AAMC material to check out the full lengths from ExamKrackers or NextStep, those are the ones from my research for MCAT prep so far that show the highest consensus of the closest quality to that of AAMC standards. Again they are third party full lengths, so only use AAMC after you are done with third party ones. Best of luck! :)
  3. That is true. Although memorizing 20 amino acid was easy. Memorizing a bunch of catabolic and anabolic pathways including all molecular structures and enzymes was hard. Haha This should be a bit easier. Thanks!
  4. My goodness that looks overwhelming. I also have heard that the P/S section of the MCAT is the one highest based on memorization. Compared to the sciences, where you instead need to know the basics (connections between basics) and be able to apply it to more complex scenario.
  5. Oh wow 2 months seems like a very small amount of time to prepare for the MCAT, that just may be me. I outlined a pretty detailed schedule for content review to detail exactly what I will cover each day to make sure I get everything covered before starting full lengths. I have taken quite a lot of psychology courses before but none of which pertain to sociology. So I guess I will supplement with the 300pg KA notes. Thank you everyone!
  6. Yea I heard that as well, I was thinking of reading it once through quickly. But I think I will focus then primarily on Khan Academy. I study four months this summer, two for content review and some practice questions (EK 30 minute tests and in chapter practice questions, TPR CARS passages), and 2 months for slight review and heavy practice questions (AAMC, EK FL, KA passages). Do you think if I have dedicated around 10 weeks to content review (1 day a week to psychology and sociology) I would be able to get through all of Khan Academy Sociology and Psychology? How long did it take you?
  7. Okay thanks! I have the entire EK set so I guess I will supplement it with that. Then if I see any terms I do not know in the AAMC FLs then I will add the terms to my notes.
  8. I was wondering if the 100 page notes from Khan Academy for Psychology and Sociology would be sufficient for content review on the MCAT? Of course just for the Psychology and Sociology section. Wondering if anyone has done this method before?
  9. Awesome thanks for the advice! I will stick with my plan then. Good to hear, I hope the rest of your MCAT went just as well also!
  10. I am preparing for my upcoming MCAT test date this summer on August 25, 2018. I have taken all pre-requisite courses (biochemistry, general physics, general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology) except sociology. I also am graduating with a bachelors of science majoring in the biological sciences. I was wondering, would the 10th edition of ExamKrackers be sufficient for content review? Or will certain books need supplement? I have heard possibly that the biochemistry and psychology and sociology books are lacking (but only for the 9th) not much on the 10th edition. I was thinking of supplementing with Kaplan biochemistry and Khan Academy psychology and sociology 100pg document. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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