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  1. Anyone call recently? Has the email been sent out?
  2. Do we know if any offers have (or will be) offered this week? I can’t handle all this waiting!...
  3. Can someone confirm with me that if you’re out of town, they’ll email you?
  4. I am not sure.. but did one of your references recently get contacted? That seems promising to me!
  5. Is it the last day for the deposit for only NS residents, or NB/PEI too?
  6. Ah... will be interesting to see how this changes the Dal NB pool... Was doing some reading and it seems like many people may prefer MUN over Dal NB campus (live lecture, community feel, more hands-on opportunities, etc.). So will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Always.. good luck everyone! I have faith!
  7. has any OOP looked into this further? or are people waiting to see what happens after some NB seats open up once MUN releases their NB acceptances (which will be Friday)... how many NB seats are we expecting to open up?
  8. Thanks for the info!! Any idea if everyone is eligible for NB seats, or if it was something that was indicated on the application?
  9. How will they decide who is admitted off the WL to the NB campus versus the NS? Do we think it will be random?
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