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  1. Also if you can change your province of residence for your second degree, some provinces (other than Ontario for the most part) have lower cutoffs for residents, and leaner conditions for proving residency, while only considering your 2nd degree GPA (or latest two years which will be the same thing).
  2. First of all, I can only imagine how you might feel having a condition completely out of your hands mess up with your life dream so badly. Do not give up, work on your mental health first and foremost, and keep studying as much as you can. Mankind always surprises himself as to how much he's capable of doing in face of adversity. Without suggesting that you throw out any reasonable plan B's, one thing that comes to mind that might give you a chance at Canadian schools is doing a second degree, with 2 years of full course-load and a high average (like GPA 3.8/4 and higher, or a 80-90% average) at another university (there might be less demanding options than UBC) so you become eligible for Western and Queens medical schools in Ontario which don't have provincial considerations. You would need to take the MCAT as well, pass their cutoffs, and volunteer/do research on the side.
  3. You should call them and ask for a status update. I did that and several unis who had ghosted me emailed within a week with at least a rejection! and one of them with an invite!
  4. Does anyone know how many interview invites Schulich sends out each year and what percentage get admitted? (I believe their class size is 171?)
  5. Time Stamp: 10:04 Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: OOP SWOMEN (Y/N): No 2YGPA: 3.87 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/132/130/130 Essays (X/8): 8/8- I used separate experiences for all 8. Wrote them out superrr last minute! But used little stories to start some of them (that were less interesting by themselves!). Tried hard to explicitly address all the questions/points that they'd mentioned for each prompt though.
  6. Haha that's funny! Thank you for your reply. I think I know what you're talking about. Have you used the one by B yourself?
  7. Hi everyone. So I was wondering if anyone here has tried the many MMI Prep books out there and found one good (or bad, to avoid!), or has heard of a good one. I just want to have an extra source for tips and tricks, and most importantly a rather reliable collection of potential scenarios. Thanks
  8. Definitely interested! Idk where to do it though. I'm not a McGill student to book spaces. But put me down if you can book a room for sure! Thanks.
  9. TIME STAMP: 22:30 (Yes I got the email at night!) Result: Invite degree GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 128/132/130/130 (520) ECs: 3 years hospital volunteering, 2 years homeless shelter volunteering, 2 years literacy advocacy volunteering, provincial director of an international student-run charity, clinical research paper first author (not published yet), poster presentation at one local & one national conference, one university scholarship for community involvement, tutoring underprivileged children, playing a musical instrument as a hobby Casper: practiced with Casperfect. I thought I could have done better tbh! but it went ok. Answered all questions to a decent length. Year: UG (last year) IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No
  10. Have they always stuck to the date they'd announced for that year?!
  11. UOttawa has a set cutoff for each applicant category based on your place of residence and the English vs. French stream. I am not sure about their Ottawa/IP resident cutoffs, but you can call them and they'll tell you. But the thing is they do not accept anyone even 0.01 below their GPA cutoff (and they have a 3 year GPA formula on their website). Good luck :))
  12. Time Stamp: 10:06 AM (EST) Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.23 (cGPA OMSAS, With an upward trend, 3.87-3.9 in the last 3 years, not that McMaster cares necessarily though!) CARS: 132 Casper: Felt okay, I prepped for a few weeks and didn't feel too bad about it. Geography: OOP
  13. There will be plenty of weirdos with programs far more irrelevant than agriculture haha! Good Luck
  14. So on my Minerva application page a list of courses in progress has showed up, which I assume is their way of asking for grades from my outstanding science pre-req courses which I was taking this semester. Does anyone know when the deadline to upload that is, and how exactly we are supposed to submit grades, like we're submitting our whole unofficial transcript again with the new grades on it? Thanks.
  15. If you like your current program and you gain a descent exposure to basic sciences (which basic physics is part of unfortunately! but not too much of it), Do Not change programs! You need to really excel at whatever program you're applying with, and that is hugely facilitated by actually liking the subject matter. If you're doing well in agriculture, stay in agriculture, it IS the safest option for you! And btw, you do not need Organic chem 2 for most schools I know, or higher level science courses, or even biochem (except for some American schools which either want Biochem or Org 2). All this is certainly true for Ontario schools, but if you're in Quebec by any chance I'll be able to give you more info if you want! Also, for the MCAT, knowing basic sciences and using the popular prep books should suffice, you certainly don't need a science-intensive program to nail that.
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