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  1. Ohh ok! lol At least it's verified now!
  2. Why did someone contact you from McGill, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Hi there, I'm wondering what you guys know about the chances for an IMG, who hasn't studied in North America or Europe, to get into surgical residencies (specially Neurosurgery) in Canada. I would also appreciate it if you can let me know about any statistics of how many Neuro/general surgery residents are taken each year, and what percent could be IMGs, if you know. What can such an applicant do to make their case more competitive? Asking for a friend! Thanks a lot for your info in advance
  4. What I have figured out by going through the interview invitees on this forum from last year is that, if they have section cutoffs in fact, their section cutoffs seem to be as follows: 125/ 126/ 126/ 127. And their accepted overall score has been as low as 509. So I think you do not need a rewrite at all. And we all know that they don't look at your scores past whatever cutoff they assign each year. Good luck.
  5. They just told me they're working on a new system to resend the invitations to everyone as many have not received it yet!
  6. Also, I just remembered, there's this girl "ViolinMD" on Youtube who's done a music major in the U.S. apparently and come back to Canada for med school and is now a 3rd year internal medicine resident in Ontario. Check her out, she's really cool and answers questions too sometimes.
  7. The ultimate goal in my opinion should not be to see which option has the least amount of stress, as no matter what major you choose there are going to be times you wish you'd given up on everything!! and also the medical profession itself is very stressful at every step, which means getting some practice in dealing with stress and time management etc. could be very valuable for your future. The goal should be to find what you like the most, and follow your passion, even if that means some more work, or sacrificing some stuff. The likelihood of success (i.e. a good GPA, good relationship with profs for reference letters, more deep and valuable experience to write about on your med school applications etc.) and the likelihood of not getting burnt out increases dramatically if you like the subject you're majoring in. As it appears, you seem to know that you definitely don't need to follow a traditional life sci path to go to med school, and there are certainly uniqueness and other perks in choosing a music --> medicine path. Overall, find which one you're more interested in and don't detest spending considerable amounts of time working at! P.S. Don't let anyone discourage you from following your passion (if either of these are your passion) or from applying to medical school. Dedication always pays off. Good luck
  8. That option appears a while after (their website says up to 48 hours after) submitting the original application, and it's called: Admission Application and Documentation Status For me it was a weekend when I submitted the first/original application, but even then it did not take 48 hours. This option came up like 24-30 hours after. So I don't think you have much to worry about, but I'd say have all of your supporting documents in their final format ready so that when that link opens up for you you can submit the documents faster before the 11:59 deadline of tomorrow.
  9. OMG I'm so sorry! I meant OMSAS ID! I'll fix it now LOL
  10. Well when I went to register I couldn't add the Ontario schools without putting the OMSAS ID down. So that's why I'm suggesting you add a non-Ontario school for now, to be able to register (cause you can't register with no school there, or so I assume!).
  11. You can register and manipulate the schools you want to send it to after you submit your OMSAS application. For example, I am pretty sure, you can add Mcgill (for which no ID number or anything is required) to your CASPer profile when you register, and then when you have your OMSAS ID, remove that and add any Ontario schools you wanted to send your CASPer results to. I would say the exam spots won't fill out that soon though!
  12. You would be transferring credits from the first, but for schools that only require two years of full course load grades (i.e. Dal, Queens, Western) they won't look at transfer credits. So is the case with mcgill as it considers the degree GPA and won't look at anything from a previous degree (except for basic science pre-req courses if they're from back then). However, Mcgill requires a phenomenally high GPA from out of province applicants, beware of that. Queens and Western don't. I think with a really good CV, as yours seems to be, Queens is a very viable option (b/c of holistic review and stuff) with a 2nd undergrad.
  13. I do agree with others that getting high grades while keeping a full course load would be harder in nursing (if you wanna apply after 2020 with your nursing degree I mean). But I just want to point something out, make sure McGill replaces your new grades for the courses you're retaking right now on your degree GPA as well. Because I'm pretty sure, even though the science pre-req grades will be replaced certainly, in order to improve your degree GPA for McGill admissions you'll need to repeat the corresponding courses while still studying for the same degree, aka before graduation, OR do an entire 2nd degree and have the grades from the 2 years of that considered for admission purposes.
  14. There is absolutely no need to do a second undergrad, in fact you might be doing yourself a disservice since you'll have to get the same grades with more extracurriculars this time! You can spend some time taking science pre-req courses to cast a wider net, studying for the MCAT, and doing any volunteering that interests you (best have one in the health field, but the rest don't have to be). You can certainly include anything you did in your first undergrad as CV material too, plus your experience doing MBA projects could be used as leadership-teamwork experience once you fill your application.
  15. Glad I could help! I would say motivation and knowing why you want to undertake any huge responsibility is important, but I totally agree, not living up to your potential is up there on the list of the worsts! Look for people like yourself on you tube or forums (keeping in mind you'll have to skip a lot of negativity on forums), get motivation and tips from them and ask how they could get through it all.
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