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  1. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    Thank you. That sure clarifies a lot of things.
  2. Moonlight2

    Do I have any chance?

    For McGill out of province you don't stand a chance as far as I know. But if you're in province, you most certainly do. Go on the McGill thread here and look at the stats and ECs of this year's invites (take w/ a grain of salt though, forums usually have higher tiers!). As far as I've been able to tell, and hear from friends, a 3.7 GPA has a good chance if they have the right ECs and of course do well on CASPER which is a closed book. For Ontario schools, Queens and Western don't consider provincial residence a factor, so you can apply there. If you do the MCAT and meet Western's cutoffs you should be good for Queens too. These two schools do not seem to care how much above their yearly cutoffs you are (Queens doesn't publish cutoffs but they seemed to be around these for this year: GPA= 3.7, MCAT=509, balanced; Western had these: GPA=3.7, MCAT sections: 1st=126, 2nd=128, 3rd= 126, 4th= not considered, total= 380). If you meet their cutoffs then it all goes to your ECs and how you present them. It was really unclear what they were looking for this year, but you should definitely apply. I don't know much about other schools yet! Good luck.
  3. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    Right. So what you say is that UofT looks at GPA competitively, but for the MCAT it just considers if you're above the cutoff?
  4. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    Well then this is in contrast with what you said before: "once above the cutoff it makes 0 difference"
  5. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    That's right, but if it is actually the case that they don't care how far above the cut off one is, we have to kind of guess what it is around for each year or each few years... Because they have this on their website about the GPA cutoff which is inconsistent with the assumption I just mentioned: "You must obtain a minimum GPA of 3.6 / 4.0 on the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) scale. The possession of the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee acceptance. Based on statistics from recent admissions cycles, a minimum GPA of 3.8 is considered competitive" (i.e. if there is an actual cutoff then a competitive cutoff makes no sense) Do you mind me asking what has been the lowest GPA you've seen who got accepted? Also, if they stick to the cutoffs for MCAT too, why did you have to write the MCAT 3 times? I doubt it was to achieve the 125 section cutoff. Do you think it was the better MCAT that got you accepted or a better resume throughout the 3 years? Sorry if I'm prying!
  6. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    Do you have an idea what the GPA cutoff might be for UofT?
  7. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    No. But I didn't expect much because I thought my MCAT was not competitive and hence, if I improved it I would get a good chance. But turned out for those two schools that I mentioned, I was above the cutoff (or it appears so from others' stats) so the problem must've been my ECs...
  8. Moonlight2

    retaking a 515

    I will just tell you a fact about the two schools I applied to this year that shocked me, but you better believe it to not get the same result as I did! Queen's and Western do not care at all if your stats are a little or a lot above their cutoffs! Queens doesn't publish cutoffs but this year it seemed to be around 509 for MCAT ( and I definitely saw some 127 CARS get invites but you can double check here) and the GPA no more than 3.7. Western did release their cutoffs and this year it was Minimum GPA - 3.7 --- MCAT: BBFLS 126; CPBS 126; CARS 128; Total Score 380. So if you believe in your ECs it is certain that you don't need to retake the MCAT for Queens and you'd have a good shot (and even if you do retake, you would have a lot of room to wiggle!). For Western, you need to improve the CARS by one mark which shouldn't be too hard for you, but again, if your other marks fall a little below it won't disqualify you. It depends on you though whether you want to redo the whole test just for Western's CARS cutoff. I'd say evaluate other schools' policies and if you have a good chance for a few more don't bother with retaking or at least don't torture yourself doing it! This was just my two cents on the schools I had experience on. Good luck in your final decision
  9. Thank you for your help. I'll do my best with MCAT!
  10. Well, McGill accepts my current degree GPA plus the grade from courses I got transfer credits for (unless I repeated them). I really hoped there were a similar mechanism in place somewhere among the US schools! That's good that at least they say they value an upward trend. Do you happen to know what the lowest overall GPA has been that they've accepted recently (assuming there was an upward trend present)?
  11. Thank you for the response. But for example in Canada McGill looks at your degree GPA; hence, a lot of people do a second degree here in Quebec. Also there are Queen's and Western which only look at two full course load years. I was wondering if there are any Canadian friendly med schools that do that. Like if someone has the same situation as me, what would they do in the US?!
  12. Hello everyone, Before coming to my current university, I studied for two years at another university where I got atrocious grades (!) but did not complete a degree. When I moved here, my new university -where I will receive my undergrad degree from in a few months (with a GPA of around 3.9)- gave me some transfer credits from my old university. Now I know I should check with each school individually, but I am really wondering whether American med schools generally consider every single post-secondary course one has ever taken in their GPA calculations, or they consider the degree GPA, or the degree GPA + all of one's transfer credits. I heard from Michigan State a while back that they consider the entire post-secondary education history but they also consider progress in grades, if I'm not wrong. I wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience applying with such circumstances, and how much do they actually consider progress! Also, do they generally care about having a full course load in every year? Thank you all in advance.
  13. Moonlight2

    Where to improve more: ECs or GPA ?

    Just to add one point here, while improving the GPA must be considered, you should keep in mind that the 2-year GPA cutoff for Queens seemed to be around 3.7 this year (such that anywhere higher than that didn't really matter to them, but more emphasis on ECs from that point on) and for Western, well they publish their cuttoffs which aren't really high for GPA. Same thing goes for MCAT of both schools. Queen's seemed to have a cutoff around 509 (w/ a CARS around 126-127), and Western publishes its own. I used to think that the higher you go on stats the greater chance you'll have at Queen's and Western but I got an unpleasant surprise this year from all the stats on this forum! But for the rest of Ontario higher GPA and MCAT will most probably be appreciated. Double check with admissions before choosing a definite option. P.S. Quebec has very specific residency criteria. Make sure you review those too before moving anywhere!
  14. Moonlight2

    What to do - masters vs 5th year?

    I agree with above. Don't do a masters, it does not help in the way people expect it to (unless you're really passionate about the subject matter, then gaining residency through that and maybe increased research experience would slightly help you there). Work on your MCAT, increase your GPA with a 5th year (full course load to be eligible for Ottawa, Queens and Western), all while improving your ECs (maybe with a summer research grant like NSERC or independent research). Do not lose hope for MCAT, I got the same score last year while studying hard (at least I thought so lol!), but I will be at it again this year having learnt from my mistakes. Best of luck.
  15. So sorry to see this. Your stats and ECs sound great! Now this is what baffles me to the point of madness! With cases like this, can anyone even remotely tell what Queen's is looking for anymore?!.....