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  1. Just a heads up, I have a friend who just got refused as well. Maybe refusals are coming out first this year? (Just speculation)
  2. Thanks. Do the MD/PhD students take up spots from the class of 260 or are they not counted in that? And just to clarify you're saying they go back and look at you interview score as well as your entire portfolio to make their final decision?
  3. Couldn't find a thread so decided to just make one. Obviously no one can give a definitive answer but I was curious what you guys thought a 3rd year interviewee's chances were. First question I have is if after the interview (which I've already had) they still look at your portfolio or your acceptance/rejection is completely based on your interview score? Second, is there a maximum number of spots for 3rd years or if every 3rd year that interviewed was out of this world they would take every single one?
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