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  1. The money is mainly in the night call - most large GTA hospitals you are making 4-6k per night with No overhead. most GIM jobs (combination of night call/MRP/clinic) is about 350-400k with about 10 weeks off a year
  2. Are you a resident or practicing doctor ? I knew her personally. I helped trained her. Do you see why maybe I would have a softer spot for her than others. I know she’s not a bad person and she worked hard. We never know know what’s going on in people’s heads. Who knows why she did what she did. I had had a colleague who lied and stole prescriptions and forged our names to get narcotics. He lied to us so we would write him prescriptions. He stole our pads and forged our signatures. He got 5 months!!! That’s it, and he was also charged with a crime! So yes obviously she did something horrible and indefensible. However she didn’t rape anyone or commit a crime. Yet she loses license forever and guy above gets a slap on wrist? So I am not trolling I just wish there was a way she could one day work again
  3. I can only hope someday she gets back to medicine. For those that never worked or trained with her you missed seeing something special
  4. Clinical Would mean opposite of lab based. Basically patient encounters
  5. Listen a lot of us at UofT knew her personally so we know who she is beyond a news headline. Am I saying what she did was okay? NO I do however understand that she made a terrible mistake and paid a high price. She had a consensual relationship with a patient who was upset when she broke it off and complained. She got caught and paid the price. So so yes I am not excusing her behaviour. I just feel bad for her and society at large to lose someone that we invested so much time and energy in training
  6. This case is really sad. A lot of people Including myself trained with her. She was was super smart and an outstanding doctor and colleague. Just really sad. Feel bad for her
  7. Thats great! I think we all felt like that in first year medical school. If not then you really shouldn’t have applied. A lot of what you love (teaching and research) really don’t apply to everyday work unless your email academic which itself is super hard Like I said I was looking more for the opinion of graduated and working doctors - what you will be doing for 40 years instead of 4.
  8. I am sorry I disagree. Life isn’t all about getting into medical school. You don’t suddenly win bc you do. You can spend years chasing this versus finding another career and being happy. Why do you think they ask you during interciews if you have a back up plan? Given the admission rates any sensible person needs to have alternatives. It can’t be “med school or bust” or else a lot of people would bust. I remember by MCAT group. Some got in, some kept at it and got in, others quit early and found happiness elsewhere and others just kept applying and finally went overseas and dropped out and now are stuck doing very little. Oh oh yeah one of the guys who dropped out early - he owns multiple medical buildings and has doctors calling him “sir”.
  9. See it’s this sort of thing that’s the problem. Everyone loves medical school - you learn cool things and hang out with friends. Even residency is very much a team environment with lots of learning. When you get a real real job it’s vastly different - it’s often isolated, not much learning and more doing, and many more demands on your time. Your student loans need to be paid off and the governments continued cuts make that harder and harder. I am really looking king for the opinions of working docs here bc that was what I was alluding to - those that are working on their own rarely tell people that medicine is great and a lot of times wish they did something else. That being said I totally understand applying to medicine for most. It’s the ones that do it at all costs - someone on these forums almost said his life wasn’t worth it if he didn’t get in. This falcy you claim about healing being unique to medicine is crazy. There are lots of people that help and often doctors don’t help that much. Surgeons heal sure. Most of us nonsurgeons try to keep people going. A would venture to say an RT and an ICU docs jobs are way more similar than an ICU doc and a pathologist. You can find other things to give you similar feelings, similar money etc. I am not saying don’t apply. I am saying there is a world beyond medical school that people often ignore to their own peril
  10. While it’s nice to be positive not everyone gets in. There is life beyond medicine and honestly for most it’s probably better
  11. Money issue is real but it’s not that hard to come back. Lots and lots of IMGs everywhere now in the GTA. In fact almost all new hires are IMGs it seems
  12. Hi As a graduated doc I’ve often wondered why do people want this so bad? I’ve seen people on this forum risk spending upwards of 10 years trying to even get into medical school and it’s made me more and more curious why people want to go to medical school so badly. If you speak to current docs almost all will say not to consider medicine a great career anymore and usually try to dissuade people from applying. I have yet to see a graduated doc pushing others to enter medicine at all costs. Given the current landscape where so much has changed relative to even 10 years ago, why is the appeal still so strong? After all now: a-consistent fighting with government, no contract for years (in ontario) and likely continued cuts. Probably a salary coming in future or cap b- worsening tax savings by government c-lack of hospital based jobs in large GTA cities. People locuming for years d-less and less respect from public. More and more demands given rise of Dr. Google e-increasing lawsuits and complaints (ie - recent brain dead case) f-harder and harder to get residency spots with increasing IMGs coming in by the time most people that enter med school today come out the other end it will only get worse and worse. It’s not as great as it once was and if you ask most practicing docs very few are satisfied with their jobs or would recommend them to others. It’s still got its positives but the negatives continue to pile up versus just entering a high end engineering program for instance. Just visit any doctors Facebook group and see - they all seem to hate their jobs and current landscape more and more So I am curious - I understand applying after 4yrs. But why keep going for it at all costs? It just isnt that great or worth it for most instead of doing something else
  13. Have you considered an overseas medical School if rejected ?
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