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  1. Aconitase

    Engineering to Medicine

    No one cares if you have an engineering degree or not. However you are competitive
  2. Aconitase

    is my med dream alive?

    There are many options overseas
  3. Good luck! lots of IMGs working all the GTA now. Many went to Ireland and the Caribbean. We will see you back here in a few years
  4. Aconitase

    Backup Plans

    Physician assistant
  5. I would look at Caribbean medical schools or Ireland
  6. Depends. Is your goal to be academic and research? How closely related is this field to your intended field of study going forward?
  7. Aconitase

    Core CTU Letter Required for IM Applications?

    You should have a CTU letter but it can be from anyone (CTU elective or core MS3 or MS4 etc).
  8. What does this have to do with a pre med forum? Did you mean to post this under pharmacy ?
  9. Yeah you usually can depending on how large the hospital is. For smaller ones you may find it harder to work less as there needs to be coverage and your pool of docs is smaller. At larger community hospitals there is always a hungry young doc ready to mop up what you don’t want
  10. 100 percent agree. Right on point. One of the best parts about medicine is that you can work as much or as little as you want. If you want to kill yourself and work 100 hour weeks to find private school and fancy vacations then you can. If you would rather make less but attend your sons T-ball games you can as well. There are some legends in ER that see upwards of 150 patients a day and work 16 hour days 25-30 times a month. There are others working and seeing 40 patients a shift working 10 times a month. If we want to work like dogs we can. No rules on how much you can work. On rules on overtime or billings. Its up to you to make that call
  11. Aconitase

    Demoralization in the Process of Medicine?

    Consider yourself lucky.
  12. Again depends on where you work. OP asked specifically about large volume GTA (Trillium, BCH, etc). These numbers are representative of those places
  13. Aconitase

    Struggling in Med School ...

    getting into IM is not that hard. It involves a few things: A) do well on your GIM rotation (ie read a lot - in IM knowledge is everything) b) do electives in GIM. Try going to different schools. Impress c) get great reference letters d) use summers to try clinical research that’s it it’s not super hard to get into. No one will care if you co-chair anything. It’s far more important to know the JAMA RCE series lol
  14. Aconitase

    Demoralization in the Process of Medicine?

    Don’t disagree. I think the public nature of this is my biggest problem with why I find it demoralizing. Colleagues openly attacking colleagues. Just follow KG and COD Twitter or their news conferences. While it may be a small minority they are very vocal and very public
  15. Aconitase

    Demoralization in the Process of Medicine?

    That’s a fair point. I guess my point is that if you think all doctors are nice friendly and get along and don’t care about money (which is what you think it’s like in med school) the real world is different