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  1. I think we have gotten off topic. I understand totally that you are not wealthy despite having a higher than average family income. However I can also give you an example of a 20 yr old in my medical school who had two parents as doctors and multiple classmates who’s parents bought them bay street condos to use while in school. I am going to make a few points I think we can agree on: 1) On average, medical students come from wealthier backgrounds than the general population 2) If you do not come from money you may find it hard to socialize with most of your classmates outside of school 3) Invariably there will still be some people with similar interests and backgrounds to yourself you may find by joining clubs etc 4) if all else fails make friends outside medicine. Join university groups that interest you. You don’t need to be friends with people - you are here to learn medicine.
  2. Aconitase

    FM Hospitalist Questions!

    In large GTA hospitals it’s basically up to the individual. I assume you have all done a core GIM rotation? It’s the same as that minus the ER work. If your patient needs a procedure (LP/paracentsis/thoarcocentsis/chesttube/central line) you have right if first refusal. You either do it or call someone else to do it if you can’t. Since you don’t admit them a lot of procedures may have already been done in ER. But anything that wasn’t ansnis required after admission is your responsibility to either do yourself or arrange to have someone else do.
  3. Many things -around each other a lot -similar backgrounds and personalities -wanting to marry similar status or wealth (very important for Asian parents sadly)
  4. LMAO - more than half of the med students make more than 100k family income? this just proves my point even more lol. Half the class are rich. It’s insane that this is what goes on and no one bats an eye. Half are wealthy. Think about that for a second. Half. Of those I agree not all are entitled assholes but I bet a large part of them did attend private school and the like. TBH that’s worse than i thought
  5. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC100877/ here is 2002 data. I will summarize: Medical students were less likely than the Canadian population to come from rural areas (10.8% v. 22.4%) (p < 0.001) and were more likely to have higher socioeconomic status, as measured by parents' education (39.0% of fathers and 19.4% of mothers had a master's or doctoral degree, as compared with 6.6% and 3.0% respectively of the Canadian population aged 45 to 64), parents' occupation (69.3% of fathers and 48.7% of mothers were professionals or high-level managers, as compared with 12.0% of Canadians) and household income (15.4% of parents had annual household incomes less than $40 000, as compared with 39.7% of Canadian households; 17.0% of parents had household incomes greater than $160 000, as compared with 2.7% of Canadian households with an income greater than $150 000). Almost half (43.5%) of the medical students came from neighbourhoods with median family incomes in the top quintile (p < 0.001). —— this is 2002 data - I am sure average family income is even higher now Anywy yiu dice it they come from richer families than most no wonder most are entitled a-holes
  6. Right. You do see why having a wine and cheese is slightly different than drinking beer at a pub in terms of rich people activity don’t you? just like you can probably tell skiing and golf vs basketball ?
  7. I don’t think it’s inaccurate to state that a lot of med students went to private school and are wealthy. Just look at the average family income for med students - well above the norm and actually at some schools boarders on obscene. Eveey social event at UofT involved drinking and usually wine and and such. It’s just the rich person culture that exists there.
  8. Aconitase

    Clinical Associate work at Western

    You can cover ICU at night especially in CVICU
  9. It takes time OP Most med students are wealthy private school types with parents who are doctors and were raised by nannies. They only have rich friends and all they ever do is think drinking wine is cool. Just drink drink drink that’s all they do. If that is not you (and it wasn’t me) then it takes some time to find a few friends that are like you. I hung out a lot with my high school friends (as I lived at home) and eventually I made some friends by joining a few groups that I was interested in (ie - hockey, etc) Although they are few and far between there are some normal people. The rest just have rich parents and drink wine.
  10. Aconitase

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    There are some but it’s few and far between. Mainly a bunch of rich kids whose parents are doctors and were private school educated. Generally look down on the rest of world since they don’t know anyone who isn’t well off
  11. Aconitase

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    Sadly this is the norm. It gets a bit better later but in general Canadian med students and doctors are boring people that usually are private school educated and wouldn’t know a poor person if it wasn’t their patient. They usually have nannies and only hang out with other doctors and vote PC. They care a lot about money (hence the new OSA)
  12. Aconitase

    FM Hospitalist Questions!

    Probably. I am Talking more about large volume GTA community hospitals
  13. Aconitase

    FM Hospitalist Questions!

    Both although trend is more for IM now They aren’t usually salaries. FFS. Most GIMs do more than just MRP work so hard to compare. Typically about 1200-1500 a day. No overhead. What are you missing? It’s a different job seeing people in a clinic versus acute care inpatient medicine You show up and round on your list of 15-20 patients. Sometimes more sometimes less. It’s rhe same basically as a core GIM rotation without the ER work.
  14. Thanks for the breakdown. Overhead is variable also. Rads for instance pays next to nothing if hospital based. GI pays a lot if one owns a scope clinic Maybe 500k pre overhead makes more sense. Also certain specialties are not listed by anyone (Ie ICU) since it’s not given it’s own billing but those guys bill a lot with no overhead.
  15. A lot are well over -radiology -radiology -GI -nephro -optho -cardio -vascular surgery -cardiac surgery -neurosurgery Did I mention reds?