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    Best "easy" Pre-Med courses?

    Depends on the person and their strengths. I took a lot of computer science and math courses which were easy for me to do well in
  2. I knew quite a few that did to help save money. Once they got married etc they moved out. I wa a much happier staying home. No need to worry about meals etc and was so busy in residency I could just focus on studying and work and sleep. personally I thinking living on your own and finding yourself is over rate but to each their own
  3. Yup! I owed about 30k and payed it off during my first year. Being at home for med school and residency helped a lot. A lotnof people at UofT stay home for school and residency I find to help costs
  4. Aconitase

    LOC Debt > 200K

    I owed about 30k at then of med school that I paid off during residency. But I lived at home for med school and residency and my parents helped me out
  5. Aconitase

    Finding a job

    Are you asking about jobs for doctors? check the CMAJ classifieds for ads
  6. Aconitase

    Income and Lifestyle

    Agreed. OP clearly not wants to live large but not willing to compromise anywhere
  7. Aconitase

    Income and Lifestyle

    Most people that are docs live mostly outside Toronto in the GTA (ie - Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville) to get a bigger house for less money. Buying in Rosedale isn’t really an option for most GPs. In in terms of paying for it I think you have missed a few points: -does your partner work? Most stay at home partners married to docs are usually closer to 500k+ ones. -2000k per month spending is fairly high for a young couple without kids no reason to spend that much if you saving for a house -do you have help from parents? assuming you have a partner pulling in 80k a year, cut spending a bit and ask parents for a little help it isn’t that hard if you choose to live a little outside the core -
  8. It’s going to vary. A lot of people have help from parents. I stayed at home for med school and my parents helped me out so I owed 30k
  9. It’s a legit question but can’t it be moved to another forum ? This forum says for Canadian med students
  10. This is the wrong forum. Only for Canadian med students. Post this stuff elsewhere
  11. Exactly. Super easy to get these work. Don’t forget EGH, BCH and Trillium and CVH too. Humbar River, Scarborough there are tons. So so easy to find a couple of high paying night shifts.
  12. Depends which ones no cardiologist or nephrologist or GI doc or ICU doc is making that little. At least double, maybe triple or more. Jobs are hard to come by though. Thats probably more in line wih rheum and endo. However those guys can streamline a clinic for one issue (ie - DM2, OA) and see way more patients in a day and bill higher paying codes. Also can supplement with lucrative medicine night call
  13. Hi everyone Medicine is a very unique profession in that essentially you can make as much money as you want if you’re willing to work hard for it. For instance, there are some docs who work Monday to Thursdays and take home a nominal amount, and others that will kill themselves doing 20 double ER shifts a month or repeated medicine night calls and make over $1 million. Where do you fall in this category? Is there a salary point that you have in your head at which point you would decide not to work any harder and pick up additional work?
  14. It’s all about how fast you work and how long you work. If you see a lot of patients you will make good money. Large community docs do very well
  15. Depends on the size. A lot of larger ERs in the community on the west end (Trillium, Mississauga, Brampton etc) all have most docs pulling in high numbers (500-600). Usually a bunch of young guys working 20-25 shifts a month