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  1. You may need a second undergrad in all honesty. Whatever you decide: good luck!
  2. VladTheLad

    RN to MD

    Where did you get your undergraduate degree? What is the specific university? Does WES approve your international schools' credits and convert them? Some/many schools do not consider internationally obtained degrees to meet their pre-reqs. And even when they do, very few international students are admitted in Canada. Depends on where you plan to apply. Look into specific schools and their specific requirements. Some schools also require English proficiency testing... Not 100% sure on this, worth looking into it early. Something else to think about: will you need to pay international tuition or domestic? Also: yes you will need to provide evidence/references for your ECs. And yes, your ECs sound legitimate and average.
  3. I think I will be happy after the MSc mostly because I enjoy doing science. I am certainly not only doing the MSc as a pathway to med school. My end goal is not just medicine. It is ideally an integrated MD and research career goal. Your last statement resonates with me, as I do also plan to get my PhD in the future. Thank you!
  4. Hmm, yes I think I will rewrite the MCAT, see above for extenuating circumstances... lol
  5. Yes, I agree with this. I am willing to miss an application cycle. Thanks!
  6. I personally do not mind losing 1 application cycle and am confident I can finish the MSc in time. Plus I genuinely enjoy research, and I have a few supervisors who will likely fund me. At the same time, my ultimate goal is not just in medicine: it is to be a clinician-scientist of some type. I think the advice on this forum has been very helpful to especially re-evaluate my interviewing skills, and how I need to further polish them. I think I will also re-write the MCAT as I am confident that I can do better, in CARS especially (weird circumstances, there was a marching band outside our examination center particularly during the CARS section... lol). I'm just glad that I didn't get the interview by fluke, and others think I'm competitive *phew.* A question: I know that an MSc will not significantly improve my chances, but would it DECREASE my chances in any way? Would they look down on me missing a cycle?
  7. I hope you are right and that I am competitive... lol I'm trying to figure out the best way to correct this seemingly marginal difference. For your last two questions, UofT and most schools require that you complete the MSc by June of the MD-entering year. Which I think is possible as long as my graduate supervisor provides UofT-MD a letter indicating that I will graduate on time. And yes, I think I can apply during the second year of my MSc. I won't need to delay admission to complete it.
  8. Thanks a bunch for the advice, I'll take it into consideration before I make a decision.
  9. Kinda in the same boat as you, except rejected only once post-interview so far. Currently considering an MSc... Hang in there eh. I too ask that question: "why bother interviewing low GPA people, if you reject them anyways?" I don't know.
  10. I certainly would rather do an MSc than a 5th year, just because of who I am as a person. But now that you mention maybe I should do a 5th year, although I think this would only marginally alter my GPA. As to interviews, you are right to think that I did not prep as much as I should have prepped... A huge mistake on my part tbh. I will invest a larger portion of my time in that aspect in future cycles. Thank you!
  11. If I explain my situation in the academic explanations essay, will UofT consider me for the wGPA? Year 1: 10 courses, 5FCE + 0.5 AP credit Year 2: 10 courses, 5FCE Year 3: 10 courses, 5FCE Year 4: 9 courses, 4.5 FCE I made the mistake of dropping a class I was doing poorly in fourth year, for reasons regarding my health. Do you think UofT will still apply the wGPA if I ask to make an exception? Are there any known cases of exceptions being made on these forums?
  12. I am just worried if I will be able to land another interview or not though... Thanks for the interview advice though, that helps a ton.
  13. My logic for doing an MSc was that UofT might consider me more competitive if I show enough "research productivity." On their site, they say that grad applicants might be considered differently if they have significant research work. Plus I actually enjoy doing research, depending on the field. I agree somewhat with you that I made it to the interview stage. But I wonder if applying again this soon, without too many significant changes for the Oct. 2018 cycle, will hurt my chances of landing interviews there again? I don't know... I genuinely felt like my interview went well though? Personal bias maybe. You might be right, and practice might be the real answer.
  14. In Canada: UofT, McGill, Queens, and McMaster. In USA: ~28 top schools, mostly Ivies, NYU, UC schools, Harvard, etc. Perhaps too top-heavy...