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  1. Result: Accepted off the Waitlist 4:18pm Geography: IP GPA: 3.84 (calculated by UCAN) MCAT: 508 (126 CARS) Degree : BSc & MPH EC: Lots of research experience, high level athlete back in the day, involved in the arts community, vice-chair of university club, volunteering with community organizations, travel, and lots of other random hobbies and things fairly typical of most applicants. Message me if you want more details. Interview: Felt fairly good about it, though there were some stations I felt I ended way to early and should have had more to say. I have had previous experience with MMIs which helped to reduce my nerves. Beyond excited as this is my 4th application cycle and 3rd year of being waitlisted. I figured I should post to provide some hope to others who have been at it for years and may have a GPA or MCAT on the lower side.
  2. Received an offer at 4:18pm. IP applicant.
  3. Based on other years I think they wait and do a batch once the other schools deadline to accept has passed. This is the time when they have the most wait list movement so it makes sense for them to wait until people have made their final decisions. After the initial batch they probably start going on a rolling basis. I obviously don't know for sure but that seems to be the trend and is what other medical schools definitely do.
  4. I assume we probably won’t hear anything for a couple weeks. They will probably wait until the decision deadline for the other schools has passed.
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