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  1. Congrats to everyone accepted early! Will anyone be declining their OOP spot at McGill?
  2. dent2O19

    DMD 2019 Waitlist Movement

    OOP moved to #5
  3. Are there any OOP people declining their spots?
  4. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: Waitlisted cGpa: 3.73 sGpa: 3.53  thoughts on MMI: Felt like I was myself and did the best I could. IP/OOP: OOP Year/degree if obtained: UG completed
  5. dent2O19

    DMD mcgill

    I got on the wait list! How much does the OOP wait list usually move?
  6. dent2O19

    DMD mcgill

    No, that was just for dentistry!
  7. dent2O19

    DMD mcgill

    My friend called on Monday and she said it was going to be Wednesday!
  8. dent2O19

    DMD mcgill

    nothing yet for me :/
  9. Anyone else counting the days down to the target decision date?? So close but so far away lol
  10. Also, does anyone know if the science GPA only includes the science pre-requisites? Or is it the recommended science courses?
  11. How did everyone find it yesterday?
  12. It just got updated now! I've been checking all morning. OOPResult: Invite cGPA: 3.73 ECs: lots of volunteering with kids and abroad, chemistry research experience, and scholarships in undergradYear: Graduated last year from bachelors degree Really surprised, was not expecting an interview with my GPA!
  13. My minerva account was changed to further review required... does that mean interview?
  14. Did anybody hear anything yet?
  15. Does everyone think it will be tomorrow?