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  1. Age/Years of undergrad do not factor in at all! 2022 got all kinds of fools without degrees
  2. Accepted baby! IP 2 yrs GPA: 3.94 DAT: 71 INT: 33 See y'all in August!
  3. Accepted! Ditto Hammerheadweds, for those that don’t get in this year, don’t give up! And for those that do, I’m excited to meet you all! #blessed
  4. What is your interview secret?! Your passed few scores have been unreal!
  5. Well Lebron, looks like we both took an L recently haha IP DAT: 71 MDT: 30 RC: 22 PAT: 19 GPA: 3.94 INT: 33 not super happy with that interview score, could have been worse though.
  6. Lebron, you just focus on game 2, we’ll get the stats up as soon as we get them.
  7. IP GPA: 3.91 DAT: 71 MDT: 30 RC: 22 PAT: 19 INT: ?? Really not feeling good about "that particular question," but overall I think the interview went okay. It's going to be a long few months!
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