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  1. TIME STAMP: March 16 @ 12:52pm Result: Regrets WGPA: ~3.8 MCAT: Met cutoffs ECs: Research heavy (4 pubs—3 first author; 10 abstracts from posters at local, national and international conferences; mentoring student write manuscript and research volunteers; full time employment as clinical research coordinator. I will have two-three more first author pubs from my masters (my supervisor even wrote this in her grad letter). volunteering at hospitals, community agencies and student campus health Promotion. Part-time Jobs in undergrad (student engagement etc) Essays: incorporated personal experiences and canmeds as much as I could. Spent a month on them. References: very strong, two from staff MDs I’ve known for couple of years and worked very closely with. One from volunteer coordinator which should be decent Year: 2nd year MSc Geography: IP I know my GPA is low but it received an interview a couple years back as an UG applicant...*sigh*
  2. I think if we don't hear back by early next week (Tues), we are on the wait list.
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