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  1. You don't just "come up" with answers. Take some time and reflect on your experiences, you CV, your character traits. Think of what character traits and skills a good dentist possesses and see how you fit in there. Good luck!
  2. Anyone know if the waitlist has moved yet?
  3. Somewhere in the low twenties i believe
  4. The first time I went through an interview, I was losing my mind waiting for the answer. This second time around, I have found that I haven't been thinking much about the interview at all. Mostly because I understand that going over my answers won't change the outcome. So, I've kept busy by taking on more tasks at work/school/extracurriculars, working out, focusing on plan B, etc. Just anything to keep my mind from being bored and thus thinking about the interview!
  5. Would love to know as well, since mine is even lower than 3.5
  6. @medreamer I took it in Feb 2018 and mine has been marked as received since November. I would suggest contacting the dentistry department ASAP!!
  7. Serieux? Vraiment touts les refus? collégiens et universitaires?
  8. Actuellement il y en a quelques uns qui ont deja reçu leurs depots!
  9. Thanks for your reply! Is it possible to re-take any one of the recommended courses in order to increase my GPA?
  10. Hi! I have a question concerning the science GPA that I'm hoping one of you can answer! I have a relatively low science GPA, around 3.15, that I'm worried played a role in my rejection post-interview this year. The guidelines on both the med and dent pages aren't clear whether or not I am able to re-take a pre-requisite science course (Say General Chemistry II) and have it replace my grade for ChemII in option one. I'm not sure if I'm required at this point to submit the grades for the recommended courses in Option two? I was thinking of taking a summer class for one of the science pre-requisites, but admissions told me that summer courses aren't valid. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you! https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/basic_concepts2017-18_for_admissions-kh.pdf
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