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  1. Thanks for the help! Do you mind if I ask what your GPA is? I'm currently waiting for the response for the final decision.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have an interview with Glasgow Caledonian coming up, and I am curious if anyone has had an interview here before, or with any British Schools. Does anyone know the kind of questions they typically ask? Are they situational, or questions about anatomy, etc? any help is appreciated Thank you
  3. For those who have already gone across to the UK or elsewhere for PT school (Or know people who have done it). Did you (or they) take a bank loan out in order to finance your studies? If so which bank did you use, how much did they loan you, and what kind of interest rate did they offer you? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know how many courses McGill uses in its GPA calculation? It says the final 2 years on their website, but I was wondering if this translates to the last 20 courses taken or so? Also, does anyone know whether McGill weighs cGPA or the subGPA more? Thanks!
  5. Do you think most UK schools would be open to Differing an acceptance until the following year? I am most likely going to be applying to a UK school but would like to differ my acceptance (If I get accepted) for a years time to work and save money.
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to apply for a UK PT school next year and I was just curious about whether I will be able to work in Canada if I were to graduate from certain schools that you guys have mentioned (ex. Brighton, Manchester). The reason I'm curious about this is that on the website I have linked it states "insufficient data" next to some of the schools on the list for the "supervised clinical practice hours" section. I'm not sure if any of you know of previous graduates from these schools who were able to get accreditation in Canada? http://www.alliancept.org/becoming-credentialled/source-country-profiles/ Also, does anyone know whether most UK school allows you to do your placement within Canada? I think it might potentially be cheaper If I find a placement here and live with my parents rather than potentially having to pay for rent for 2 locations in the UK.
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