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  1. This is around when I knew I was ready to write the MCAT Anyone else??
  2. 0-1 questions wrong per passage sounds good to me! If you've written a lot of FL tests and are obtaining consistent CARS scores between tests, I'd say you should feel ready for CARS
  3. Congrats on increasing your Verbal score by so much + from a low starting point
  4. heyhellohi

    Chances for an OOP??

    I don’t think you make the Western CARS cutoff, but you may make the Queens CARS cutoff. So definitely add Queens to your list.
  5. heyhellohi

    uOttawa Medical School chances?

    If you're perfectly bilingual, I'd suggest applying to the French stream as you'll have a higher chance to get in. Apparently (someone at uOttawa back me up on this), once you are admitted to uOttawa med, you can take your exams and listen to lectures in whatever language you prefer. So if you'd prefer to continue learning/studying in English, I think you'd be able to do so.
  6. heyhellohi

    Chances without writing CASPer

    "Practicing" for the CASPer is nothing similar to the MCAT as far as time commitment and mental commitment goes. You will definitely not be spending 8-10 hour days doing prep for the CASPer, especially for 8 weeks. There is typically a small amount of prep involved, and you can honestly do very well on it without any practice at all (but wouldn't recommend this). I'd recommend reading about the test and the structure of it, doing a few practice questions to get a feel of how it is to write it, and thinking of some life stories that you can use during the test. In the end, it's a very quick test with not much commitment behind it. It may even help you prep for your interviews!
  7. heyhellohi

    Chances: 124 CARS

    I know someone who had a 124 CARS and they fell below the CARS cutoff and didnt receive an interview at Queens. Best bet would be to apply to uOttawa. And while doing this application cycle, practice for CARS + do another MCAT.
  8. heyhellohi

    Publications vs experience

    I personally wouldn't agree with the person you were talking to. Doing research in a few labs is valuable to understand how different labs operate, what your interests are, and to get a solid LOR. I don't see the value in doing research in 6 labs over 3 since you're likely to be less productive and make a smaller impact in each lab. If I were you, I'd try to do research in a few labs to see which one suits you best, then pursue one lab heavily to get publications/posters/abstracts out of it.
  9. heyhellohi

    CARS score

    According to this post by Mac (https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/classof2020.pdf?sfvrsn=2), 4 people accepted last year had a CARS score in the 123-125 range. It doesn't say what their GPA was, but if I were to guess, I'd say it was 4.0 or close to 4.0 (>3.97).
  10. heyhellohi


    If anything, I think the 1st score (508) would be more likely to meet the MCAT cutoff since it has a 126 in CARS. But I'm not too sure and would like others to comment on this.
  11. I know many people who have done this before (+ got into Med), so it shouldn't look bad. If anything, it'll show progression and curiosity. Your pharmacy knowledge will be very useful in med school as well, so that's a plus. Definitely apply.
  12. heyhellohi

    Early Deadline

    literally this. I wouldn't recommend doing a push for the earlybird deadline When I applied under the normal deadline, I still got my desired interview day and timeslot. In fact, many seats in each time slot were still available at the normal deadline check-in. So, chances are, you'll be just fine in selecting your desired day/timespot for an interview.
  13. Going to add onto this comment since its definitely true. You shoudn't want/have to convince them to support you; they should be able to see that, through your actions and work ethic, they are comfortable supporting you. Most PIs out there will want you to stay in their lab and have you pursue academia (this notion isn't foreign to many people), but if you show through actions that medicine is your true passion, they'll realize it is. And if it is really stressing you out and coming down to the wire, a formal conversation/meeting may be needed to have them realize that academia isn't in your scope.
  14. heyhellohi

    Chances 2018-2019 cycle

    I know this is posted in the UofT thread, but I'd suggest applying to more than UofT out of 3rd year. Definitely try uOttawa, since your GPA is quite high. Also, your EC's are definitely good. I understand why you think it looks odd that you don't have "classic volunteering / classic empathy work" but it's fine for now. You should 100% apply because you have a good shot right now, and if you don't get in, you'll have an even better shot next time around. In terms of improving, continue your ongoing ECs to build the duration and relationship. Start doing more classic/empathic activities, not only for your application, but for you to grow as an individual and understand medicine a bit more.
  15. heyhellohi

    Dalhousie Pharmacy Applicants 2017/2018

    in province applicant. And yes, I've accepted a different offer - thanks